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  1. I've made it work on pulse before for a few people.
  2. not sure as I have never seen this cause an issue, mine add the / at the end and I don't have any issues.
  3. would love to see a distinct embed media button in rte that allowed iframe or embed src paste from external sites w/o having to enable html and deal with that. you cannot built a media tag for every site out there.
  4. what about embeds from external sources? we still need to enable html mode to paste the embed code?
  5. can see the category itself leads to main video page. click the latest one for that category and it actually enters category correclty remove the trailing slash off the url for the category and it works http://www.ifsqn.com/forum/index.php/page/food_safety_videos.html/_/ifsqn-videos/food-hygiene-training-for-food-handlers
  6. if we can't see it then not much we could do to advise. no way of seeing how its happening. would suspect (off the top of my head) custom furls being entered though or a permission issue with the nexus setup. but usually they give permission error so thats long shot.
  7. the video food hygiene training isn't shown in the ifsqn category (which the link says it should be) when viewing by category so not sure. are you adding custom furls when adding media and if so maybe made error there?
  8. you don't see options section on right? where you can set author name and set html to on or off.
  9. the money was spent already so no sense. it will be a bit before I can even consider this again,
  10. I was saving for removal and was within a few $$ when it jumped so I gave up. just cannot justify 500.
  11. login loops, its used so little on my end its not worth dealing with. plus the less I deal with google the better. haven't removed files yet but uninstalled the login method and the hook and so far seems ok.
  12. started to have issues myself, uninstall should just be matter of removing the hook then uninstall the login method and delete uploaded files correct?
  13. cool, glad I was able to help
  14. this is how mine is setup steps 8 of the included instructions in the zip file is where a lot is explained IIRC And I deleted the stock media one and just built new one. but thats up to you.
  15. the install directions (readme) showed those, I don't have it handy right now.
  16. IIRC, and I may be wrong, you initially have to add soemthign through the acp interface and at that point the add button shows on front. not sure if this changed in newer versions though.
  17. that makes sense, I remember seeing that a few replies ago and wondered.
  18. oh ok, will set back to no to use the ips cache then. I saw no differences either way so guess should just use the ips one to simplify.
  19. ok it was defaulted to No for me which would use flat file then? I've swapped to yes to see if any issues but have not had chance to test for long, so far no issues.
  20. what does the new caching-file cache do? I am not able to watch the video fully but did try to see if I could find mention there. having some dsl issues so keeps cutting out.
  21. so if your server goes offline or becomes unavailable what happens to legit customers?
  22. pro allows offline pages and a few other benefits including better https support as well as actual faster account support. to get amazon cloudfront working I used this guide as a template, I didn't mess with minify though http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/articles.html/_/server-resource-management/cdn-minify-guide-r625 I use around 500mb data a week and usually costs me about ONE dollar a month. its so cheap for me that I seldom even check the usages, and since my dns isn't going through it (like with cloudflare) I can upload large files to the site w/o hitting the nginx 504 error. cloudflare refused to correct this and allow anything over 50mb for uploads.
  23. not mentioned yet (that I saw) is that there are also a plethora of laws involved, what is allowed to be done in one country may not be allowed in another and the attempt itself COULD (as in it has the potential to be) be illegal.
  24. cloudflare affects everything as it takes over your dns, try uploading 60mb files through cloudflare w/o messing with subdomains that bypass. amazon cloudfront only handles what you want, images, js, and css if wanted. I use it for images. works well and is cheaper than cloudflare. but its not a web firewall like cloudflare though.
  25. can anyone think of a reason why this link would not be considered valid url? http://www.weatherbell.com I disabled the check for valid url option but I could not see any reason for this one to be blocked. I may have missed it when looking but I didn't see any bad responses when checking url form ssh
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