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  1. what licensed software does amazon offer that you bought? I'm a prime member so I get good amazon phone support too but theres a lot of difference doing phone support for this type of stuff vs amazon stuff. it would go like this, phone call then tech says submit ticket so you can read the info and apply the fixes.
  2. want to double license prices? they have a good balance of price and support.
  3. Dmacleo


    that would be super, I was expecting it would probably be a v4 timeframe due to the time required. would be a very nice addition,, thanks.
  4. Dmacleo


    was thinking a lot about this last night and would be nice but I am not sure its really possible. somehow there would need to be a DB entry for guests tied to their email, would it be possible for the system to create a newsletters_guests table (just a name I picked off top of head) specifically for this or would it actually be easier than I am thinking? they would not be able to do any control panel changes of course but woudl that allow them to sign up and, if needed, unsubscribe?
  5. Dmacleo


    you are looking for a way for guests to sign up and receive newsletters w/o signing up for the forum? that would be nice if possible.
  6. will be a bit, doing some server swaps on my end right now but should get to it fairly quickly
  7. I don't remember now, pm me access and I'll try to take care of it today.
  8. Dmacleo

    Embed Tweets

    I am going to try something with this, no promises though. need to provision test board and setup tweedledee before I can.
  9. that was it, open and save. no editing just saving, no idea why I forgot that. iirc Marcher pointed that out to me in a chat.
  10. trying to remember what I did to fix it but am drawing a blank, sorry :(
  11. yeah here http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/344323-media-system/page-72#entry2390578 seems to me its somethign that requires a ticket, Marcher may be the one that answers LOL . it happened to me once but I cannot remember what I did to fix it.
  12. Error: Could not load template 'feed__generic_24' from group '' is what I see, iirc this was addressed in this topic somewheres.
  13. I just reinstalled it and hook with no issues. key is to install the hook, thats separate procedure.
  14. how are you installing it? I've done it on 3.4.6 (and many other versions) w/o ever seeing that.
  15. the name length may have been reason I could not get animated gifs to work, thanks for the heads up on that.
  16. if you import as mediatag (vs bbcode) doesn't it display like that?
  17. ngx_pagespeed issue maybe? I tested it yesterday and it worked for me on apache with pagespeed.
  18. works fine for many people in many skins so....yeah.
  19. Dmacleo

    Embed Tweets

    you preserving html when importing under the feed settings? maybe try swapping that to opposite of whatever its set to now and see. this isn't something I am going to attempt to implement, have no idea if its ip rss import causing the issue or the feed itself from the third party. since most rss feeds that contain items handled by media tags usually work (feeds with youtube/etc videos) I would suspect its something on the tweetledee end output.
  20. Dmacleo

    Embed Tweets

    no idea, how are you pulling the feed from twitter since they have no rss?
  21. Dmacleo

    Embed Tweets

    yeah its common, sometimes happens sometimes doesn't. thought the description mentioned you may to refresh screen after posting but that seems to not be there now.
  22. welcome, hope your experience is pleasing :)
  23. Dmacleo

    [HQ] Badges

    I ran a few tests, converting seemed to have issues but once forum converted and you make sure to add the utf8 to conf file installing this DOES install it using the utf8_unicode_ci collation and seems to work fine where I didn't have a lot of custom entries it was easy enough for me to uninstall, run converter, install and re-add the badges. this doesn't address actual app v4 issues, just allows running app on 3.4.6 with database collation set as needed for V4
  24. Dmacleo

    [HQ] Badges

    disregard posted in error
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