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  1. hes asking if there is a deal for buying a second license not if he can upgrade for free when it comes out. he still needs to buy the second license.
  2. this is for an additional license
  3. the day before the day after its released. :)
  4. just remove any bitly info you entered in acp section. if nothign there then no shortening happens.
  5. Marcher can you pm me that ccs block on your site? I'll log in later today and grab it. need to check something on a prior bug report too I keep forgetting, nothing major just an acp display issue with versions.
  6. shoot I had made a list of the sites I saw this on but seems I deleted it. I will try to gather up some over the weekend. I can help test on my test site if that helps, since its clone of live on same server any issues I see on live would be seen there.
  7. actually I mine IS this one and it works for me. you do have to click share on video and copy that link.
  8. I'll try tomorrow, but I may need a reminder pretty sure I have working one on my end
  9. yeah but its a damned if you do/don't issue. if you block all non-ssl embeds you get complaints. you allow it you get complaints. the complaints over the browser warning actually seem to me more of an issue as users think something is drastically wrong. right now I am not https (for the week, doing stuff) but I think when I re-enable I will just do it for store and logins. about the only way to avoid confusion and is better than nothing.
  10. would be nice to know how to though (and have it work with ipb if needed) for dedicated/vps users. wondering if tht affects speeds though. any thoughts?
  11. holy crap I didn't know that. good job Aiwa
  12. it may not be as pretty as a block (would show side panels when opened) but can't you just do a tag search then use that url in the menu?
  13. those were all flat file though iirc, have not seen any database driven ones. what happens when one or more servers goes down, will the originating site freeze during posting? would think they would all need to use ips connect too for member tables, what forum owners could do is just run categories with rss imports/exports to do this. would show poster as whatever was used for rss poster but is easy to do and simple. could be cool though to see owners working together like that.
  14. so if on one forum you make a post it also appears on the other sites at same time? seems that would be a bandwidth hog and a database nightmare.
  15. nice. watching this one hope to purchase soon. good job Adriano.
  16. permissions error on the directory or incorrect directory.
  17. yes works fine. have it on many skins
  18. not sure its really an issue of the user failing to complete the setting when a fb/twitter acct creation does not force them to as a prereq to completion on the screen they see. to the user it CAN look like they have done all that is required. best option, IMO, is to force fb/twitter/etc acct creation to create a display name during the process if we allow display names. as in you MUST enter something here. presently we, as far as I can tell, have no way to force them to when signing up with these methods. now its possible I have missed something on my end and there is a manner as it stands, please let me know if so.
  19. from my testing, with allow display names set to yes, forcing real name does not fix it. YMMV of course :P
  20. many of us have mentioned that there is no display name (vs user name) causing them to get stuck in validating stage through these registration methods. we're told theres no issue... maybe related. if allow display names set to no this not issue as the username is used from what I have seen from testing on my end.
  21. File Name: Wistia Media Tag File Submitter: Dmacleo File Submitted: 02 Aug 2014 File Category: Integration Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x media tag for wistia.com hosted videos. just a simple one, paste the url of the wistia video like any other media tag. here to download this file
  22. does this work on content 2.3.6 with board 3.4.6? may have a need for it but am really unsure about compatibility.
  23. don't have file handy but pretty sure there was html readme in one subfolder.
  24. upload it and run upgrader in acp-applications. do backups of everything first of course
  25. I think page was for ip.content wasn't it?
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