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  1. in shoutbox-shouts settings you can choose to load shouts from database. this may help.
  2. lot of users online? I have seen instance (just one iirc) when I had to bump someone up to 512 (I tried 350 first but was iffy) with a lot of people online, using SB, and other hooks too. wasn't just due to shoutbox but everything all together with (iirc) 800 or so online. iirc using the load shouts from database MAY affect this too (even if no opcode caching used) but I am not positive.
  3. I cannot find it now but I think I posted a similar DB error long time ago (in this topic) when marcher first took over from brandon, the first or second update after that timeframe iirc.
  4. been looking at it too, and it is planned for the future for me.
  5. Dmacleo

    Member Map

    did for me as I had the bing key used in gallery. I did enter the key in maps section too, not sure if needed but everythign worked instantly.
  6. thanks, I think a market mod can move it if asked by the author.
  7. lately the pav32 mod works but drives an error in error log every time. not a show stopper, just an irritant
  8. ok thanks, I am able to get by using ip.content block on content page so not big deal. will keep an eye on this one :smile:
  9. looked though the topic but did not see it mentioned, does this support more than twitch yet? am interested in stuff like coveritlive, livestreaam, stuff like thatfor news streams.
  10. Dmacleo

    Topic Slider

    I've been using <img src="{value}"/> to put the image in the forums post (article image field settings) for a bit but it presents as an embed and not an attachment, is there way to make this hook recognize that and post photo? been trying to make system also post the article image as an attachment in post (as mentioend in prior post) but not having much luck and trying to avoid needing to create the article and using the article image twice. I can do that if needed, just also attach it to the article as well as use as image, but its inefficient.
  11. Dmacleo

    Topic Slider

    figured it out, when using the alternative theme and the post does not have an image it just displays the titles/descriptions under the slider position causing forum to drop lower. swap to normal layout its all fine. the spinning was I had a bunch of forums chosen but many had no image attached, so slider seemed like it was examing each one and hanging. limiting to forums that I KNOW has attachments on the first post fixes it. I wonder if I can make the IPC article image get attached to the forum post thats generated, this would help a lot for me.
  12. Dmacleo

    Topic Slider

    its on local test board for now, I think I know where the error it but wanted to verify it was known to work ok with the other slider. if I can't figure out I'll add it to accessible site to see.
  13. Dmacleo

    Topic Slider

    does this conflict with your ipc slider? only got it enabled on board index and nowheres else (sidebar disabled too) and all I am seeing is spinning circle.
  14. can the author please correct its category? as it is now nobody can download it due to it being in the old categories.
  15. Dmacleo


    trying to remember how web config picked up changes like that and not having any luck remembering, in back of my mind though there something about config needing to be reloaded to see the additions/changes. iirc in server section of these forums there is some iis posts dealing with furls.
  16. Dmacleo

    Topic Slider

    that answers question I was going to ask too, can you show the sidebar block on your demo board please? I suspect it will work fine or me, just waiting on credit union to replace my hacked visa before I buy it. also on demo board the rt-lt arrows seem to have issue with the sidebar X, they overlap a bit.
  17. 97/2000/2003 choice of IE/WORD, 2007 and up uses word only so its not really recent, been like that since early 2006. but your point still stands, I would expect trying to make it work would actually break it. would think this would be better suited to a mod that won't affect core.
  18. can't hurt to ask. only takes a moment, up t you.
  19. honestly not sure in this case since its more than someone just using a nulled board, I would think filing a ticket asking about it would not hurt. would think they would direct you to correct place.
  20. not sure they can help but maybe reporting the site to ip staff may help?
  21. I think the newsletters mod in marketplace by author headstand may meet your needs. the items it sends out include the embedded media/pics/etc and can include multiple replies, but you would have to take a close look to make sure it meets needs. its the closest thing I can think of for this.
  22. Dmacleo


    web.config... is this an iis server?
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