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Entry Comments posted by Dmacleo


    Posting HTML in 4.0 is not like 3.4.  The concerns you presented are no longer the case in 4.0.

    ok thats good to know.

    it tended to, at times, get somewhat difficult with some items. post in html mode then edit in normal to use rte for rest if stuff.


    If they support oEmbed, you could write a simple file to support it. For other sites, no, you won't be able to post HTML to embed their code unless you already have permission to post HTML.

    ugh, only forum software I have used where you have to specifically check use html to paste an embed code and lose rte benefits at same time. and writing files for the untold number of sites out there that use a setup where a media tag cannot be built like now is not feasible.

    the iframe ones would be the most problematic I expect.

    which is why I wondered about a button saying post html code (only shown to those with permissions to post html code of course) that we could press, paste, drive on with rte like normal.

  3. so what about items from other sites where media tags cannot be built (and there are tons of them) and they give us an iframe/embed code?

    we still going to have to leave the rte, switch to html mode, paste the code to make it work or is there a way you can add a button to rte allowing us to put iframe/embed code in directly?



    It is mentioned in the differences list:


    But as Rikki also mentioned in a reply you can let users edit their reviews as long as you give the proper permissions.

    thats why I asked if this is locked (as in this is it and it won't change) to the 1 review, editing an initial first look review does not fit some needs, in some cases a distinct second one is needed by the same user.

    the first review may deal only with certain aspects that can be done quickly while the second would be after certain criteria (time/usage/compatibility/etc) are met and cannot be done initially.

    so with it locked a second item would have to be added just for the second review.

    thats a mistake IMO, letting the admins choose to lock it to 1 or not is better IMO.


    you should only be able to review it once

    thats not actually always true, there are times an initial review and later an after use/longevity review is done. I didn't notice it mentioned but I hope its not locked to this.

    and I am not talking about editing the review, I mean a separate one.

    stuff is looking really good guys, well done.

  6. one thing I would like to see is some sort of followup for when we do report something, not needing names or stuff like that but something saying yes you were correct and we took care of it.

    or if we were wrong letting us know why/how we were wrong so we know how to not waste your time.


    We are not querying their service for every hit.  We are using their downloadable databases which we periodically reimport automatically to keep the data fresh.


    Similarly, we are using the http::BL service from Project Honeypot to query via DNS, which doesn't result in a request to their servers for every request.

    I was wondering if that was what was happening, thanks.

  8. on the SFS stuff, if answering is not a violation of TOS, I am wondering if you worked out a deal with them. I remember reading they sometimes had issues due to too many requests so was wondering how they and you worked around this as it seems this would add a lot to them.

    I think this hybrid should be a very useful tool especially if we have config options available.



    This has been covered already in previous entry replies.  If you want a "table" button you would just need to install the CKEditor table plugin.

    this part, as I mentioned elsewhere, is super and I thank you for doing this.

    this will allow us to (if I understand right) fully utilize the power of CKE


    As the auto-save works much quicker now, there is little need for a manual "save" button (although I imagine one could be added if it was deemed to provide a use down the road).



    This has been covered already in previous entry replies.  If you want a "table" button you would just need to install the CKEditor table plugin.

    save post as draft would be very useful for me.

    really liking what I am seeing guys, looking good.

    and thanks for keeping us updated.

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