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  1. I wonder why image extensions are hardcoded instead of option in ACP? It would be great to have this as an option, so everyone who cares about modern image formats could add them there without any code.
  2. Some time ago, I described how I solved this problem for one of my communities.
  3. Better not just Amazon, but also (at least) FFmpeg.
  4. I also would love to see here an option to display these messages to all users but without mentioning the exact moderator, who performed the action. I.e., groups with permissions will see: %username% changed the title from "ABC" to "123" %username% moved %n% messages to the %topic% While ordinary users will see: Moderator changed the title from "ABC" to "123" Moderator moved %n% messages to the %topic% Where %username% is the username and Moderator is just text.
  5. It looks like one important question was missed in the off-topic messages flow:
  6. Check if this problem exists in the default theme. If it reproduces even there, then submit a ticket with a bug report (ticket) in your client area.
  7. You (IPS) can load polyfills only when they are needed and don't waste the traffic for the majority of browsers.
  8. Also, I would love to see limits for the number of reactions of the specific types given to one user within some defined period, i.e.: Maximum number of positive reactions allowed to give per user [value] per [period] Maximum number of negative reactions allowed to give per user [value] per [period]
  9. The easiest way to filter all ancient browsers from the IE epoch is just checking if CSS or CSS.supports are missed, because it present in all modern browsers and Edge 12+. if (typeof(CSS) === "undefined" || typeof(CSS.supports) === "undefined") { // Here you can do whatever you want to the visitors with ancient browsers from the IE epoch console.log('Your browser is out of date'); }
  10. It looks like CSS Custom Properties currently are not used, so it would be easier to create correct checks if IPS tell us which exactly features not supported in older browsers they used in 4.5+.
  11. For IPS 4.4, changed this: <li><a class='ipsType_blendLinks' href='{$comment->item()->url()->setQueryString( array( 'do' => 'findComment', 'comment' => $comment->$idField ) )}' data-ipsTooltip title='{lang="share_this_post"}' data-ipsMenu data-ipsMenu-closeOnClick='false' id='elSharePost_{$comment->$idField}' data-role='shareComment'><i class='fa fa-share-alt'></i></a></li> to this: <li><a class='ipsType_blendLinks' href='{$comment->item()->url()->setQueryString( array( 'do' => 'findComment', 'comment' => $comment->$idField ) )}' data-ipsTooltip title='{lang="share_this_post"}' data-ipsMenu data-ipsMenu-closeOnClick='false' id='elSharePost_{$comment->$idField}' data-role='shareComment'>#{$comment->$idField} <i class='fa fa-share-alt'></i></a></li> In this template:
  12. Actually not only IE but all browsers which do not support modern features like CSS Custom Properties, etc. Sticking to IE in these checks is a bad idea.
  13. It would be better to implement it via JS and check the supported features instead of the user agent.
  14. I hope this will be fixed in the future. We need this feature working this way. This flaw is the reason why the "Flag as spammer" feature is completely disabled on my communities. It's too dangerous since its irreversible.
  15. The maximum height for the embeds and uploaded videos must have a limit. Here is why.
  16. Resizing is cool, but it's not related to the suggestion. It's about compression, not about resizing. What about the feature which chooses the optimal format automatically instead of PNG? In a lot of cases, it would be JPG (as IPS does not support webp yet).
  17. Squoosh is an image compression web app made by Google Chrome Labs. It allows you to dive into the advanced options provided by various image compressors. Squoosh is open source. and it could be integrated into IPS. Here is why it's important: 1. The image below was pasted directly into editor using CTRL+V, and it's size is 875 kb. 2. The image below was pasted into squoosh.app using CTRL+V, saved with default settings and then uploaded to the post. Its size is just 42kb (x20.8 times better). *If IPS supported webp, then it could be just 32 kb, x27.4 times better. My suggestion is to give us an ability to save pasted images in the most efficient format instead of PNG.
  18. Such restrictions do not benefit the community. An open community is a very cheap, stable, and efficient way to product promotion and user retention. It's funny (and sad at the same time) what IPS still hasn't figured it out. The client lounge could be read-only for not active clients. Contributors section, the same way, could be read-only for those who did not contribute yet, as it has some topics which are useful for those who are just on the way to contribute.
  19. Yet another thing causing a big disappointment about IPS is the strange restrictions on the content on this website. Thanks. I hope you will add a way to rebuild old content (including user profiles, signatures, etc.) and change existing images from HTTP to HTTPS where it possible.
  20. Suggestion for IPS core functionality. It would be awesome to have an ability to Insert external images only by HTTPS, because: Insertion by HTTP causes warnings in the browser's URL bar. Image proxy has some downsides and not always could be a choice.
  21. Here are some related posts and topics on these forums:
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