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  1. In 4.3 button "Quote selection" always appears in the beginning of selected text, so we forced to make extra mouse move. It's very inconvenient. In previous versions it appeared near the cursor.
  2. Just to be clear, i mean this:
  3. Please add search field (filter) into all "ipsSelectTree" elements.
  4. It would be great to have built in notifications when users message or topic was moved. Ie: Your topic %topic_name% was moved to %new_section% Your message from topic %topic_name% was moved to %topic_name% Your message from topic %topic_name% was split to new topic %topic_name% Currently it doesn't behave simple and clear for inexperienced users who doesn't know what they can find their messages in their profile. Also it's more convenient way even for expirienced users.
  5. Mr 13

    Improvement in the notifications counters

    Asked for this for years. +1
  6. 1. 4.2: 4.3: 2. As you can see i've selected here last part of message with short downward movement. Everhthing works fine in 4.2: But not in 4.3: Because in 4.3 button does not appear in this scenario at all.
  7. I understand the intentions but in my experience now it works even worse on desktop as well as on mobile. I'll post some details on it (as soon as i have more time) in this topic.
  8. Mr 13

    We're now using Invision Community 4.3!

    Could you implement login via VK.com on this site? It would be useful as for demonstration of new features as well as for all customers who uses this network. There is a bug in styles on this page. Report.
  9. Mr 13

    Bad last visited date on banned profile

    It's not because he's banned. It's because he was logged in in anonymously since 16 sept 2017. And yes, it's very annoying thing what even admins can't see correct date in profile.
  10. Mr 13

    Russian Language Pack for Invision Community

    Спасибо за проделанную работу и за репо на гитхабе, где удобно репортить и отслеживать баги.
  11. Looks like a bug. Report it via ticket in your client area so IPS can take a look.
  12. Mr 13

    Generate profile photos

    In XenForo they use CSS + HTML instead of images. It's the best way to do this kind of things. E.g.: Avatar taken from index page of this forums sized 8 kb: Exactly the same thing done with CSS + HTML sized less than 0.2 kb and can be much lower because most part of it will be moved to one CSS class (everything except color), so in result it will sized about 0.05 KB. M
  13. @TDBF, There is no such functionality in this plugin. This section is for feedback and ideas for IPS, not for 3-rd party promotion.
  14. Also it would be nice to keep something like "Message by %username% was removed. Reason: %reason%" on place of deleted posts even when post is deleted by it's author, because it could be useful for other users.
  15. This is how it looks now: This is what i suggest: This way language menu is much more visible and obvious for those who don't know current language at all.
  16. Please, use License Key instead of Invision Client Area Credentials in upgrading process on step two. Really tired of using Invision Client Area Credentials every time.
  17. Downloading of upgrades based on key is not only the convenience thing, but it also provides more flexibility for further changes. For example having this we can implement automated installation of security patches so communities with active licences will not vulnerable almost immediately after fix released without admin involving.
  18. I'm not missing it, but it's not really a problem. It's easy to prevent downloading from duplicate installations (i can describe algorithm to IPS Devs, if they need, but i think it's not a problem for them too).
  19. You don't have to show the key, whole process can be implemented without displaying of it at all.
  20. There are some CSS rules like this in default theme: #ipsLayout_mainArea .adsbygoogle {...} Looks like it was implemented a long time ago and then it just migrated to newer versions without proper review but currently it only causing problems. It breaks adaptive adsense blocks so they don't fill all available space and always aligned to left ignoring the alignment set in their style. Please don't include such kind of things in default styles. Thanks.
  21. Second part is exactly what i suggested, 1-st is just misunderstanding
  22. No you would need not, because your license key is already stored in your forums DB so you will automatically skip this step when your license is active. Maybe initial message was not clear enough, so: suggestion is not "to ask" a licence key on 2nd step, suggestion is "use licence key" as auth key for download in order to skip 2nd step at all.
  23. One-minute improvement suggestion: don't hide MultiQuote button in closed topics. This button: It's useful when you need quote something from closed topics in any other open ones.
  24. I said about multiquote, which allows to use marked messages when you need to quote something from closed topic in any other open topic.