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  1. Admin hidden ip

    Agreed. Admins IPs should be visible only to admins.
  2. Please don't post such things in News&Updates, create a separate section for that.
  3. Support Tickets - Let me reopen tickets

    Two weeks - that's a problem. If i report a many bugs via tickets and then need to wait until they fixed and then if they was not fixed correctly i need to report about it, but tickets are closed because usually fixes are released after that period. I recently encountered with this again, i've came to client area in order to update my older bugreports but found what they are closed just due this period without any notification. I was forced to look for needed tickets in a bunch of other tickets which really was resolved. Also please take a look:
  4. Could you please give us a search in tickets and filters based on status in client area?
  5. Support Tickets - Let me reopen tickets

    Abuse of tickets with old dates is only theoretical problem which will not probably exist in real, but if it will,it could be fixed with just a few lines of code. PS. Sorry for 2 posts. Didn't knew IPS uses that low timings for merging.
  6. Support Tickets - Let me reopen tickets

    Tickets may be reopened with status "Awaiting Customer Action" so they shouldn't affect queue in any way.
  7. In order to comply with adsense rules there must be an option which will allow us to hide some ad blocks on exit, log in, error pages and other non-content pages.
  8. It would be great to have built in notifications when users message or topic was moved. Ie: Your topic %topic_name% was moved to %new_section% Your message from topic %topic_name% was moved to %topic_name% Your message from topic %topic_name% was split to new topic %topic_name% Currently it doesn't behave simple and clear for inexperienced users who doesn't know what they can find their messages in their profile. Also it's more convenient way even for expirienced users.
  9. IPS Latest News in admin CP

    +1 Also need a way to subscribe only to important news / updates.
  10. Language selection

    Also there should be specified hreflang attributes for all pages.
  11. At least five years since it was suggested first time (yes, there was a lot of topics besides this) and we still unable to set default state without disabling pasting of formatted text at all. We still need an option to: Paste as plain text by default AND ↓ Add a setting for users (per-user) where they can enable pasting of formatted text if they really need it.