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  1. File Name: IPB_admin_map File Submitter: zeepeg File Submitted: 21 Mar 2011 File Category: Generic Tools IPB_admin_map Firstly, the accordion j script is by others attribution - thanks go to
  2. Classifieds

    You said They said What I need is a pay per post subscription. That is the subscriber buys let us say 15 topics. He post a new topic, his topic count is decremented When his remaining topics reaches 0 then an renewal email is sent and he is prevented from posting more topics. Could you reconcile the differences between what you said and they said? tks Zeepeg
  3. Does IP.Nexus support pay per topic/post/ad package? Is like news stand purcahse versus a timed subscription delivery. In other words I want subscribers to pay for lets say 15 topics. Each time the subscriber posts a new topic his subscribed topics is decremented by one and of course an email is sent when his per topic subscription runs out, reaches zero. tks
  4. Classifieds

    AndyMillne Does classifieds support pay per topic/post/ad? Did thisget fixed or was it ever a problem? zeepeg
  5. Gentlemen and Ladies The comments here only relate to the implementation of this hook and does not talk about the hooks functionality. [*]This is an "action overload hook" overloading means that the original IPB action (load) is replaced but the original action (load) can still be executed if desired ie Overloaded It is inadvisable to completely replace IPB action because IPB revision uplevels may add functionality This "(caps) Email Post Notification" hook does a complete replacement The hook replaces the original class public_forums_post_post (we did a line difference comparison) This won't work at IPB 3.1.4 because the IPB 3.1.4 class public_forums_post_post now contains the following additional code" $permissions['softDelete'] = $this->registry->getClass('class_forums')->canSoftDeletePosts( $topic['forum_id'], $topic ); $permissions['softDeleteSee'] = $this->registry->getClass('class_forums')->canSeeSoftDeletedPosts( $topic['forum_id'] ); and if ( $permissions['softDelete'] AND $permissions['softDeleteSee'] ) { $posts += $topic['topic_deleted_posts']; } Therefore installing this hook the functionality at IPB 3.1.4 will be lost!!!! parent::saveForm($type); [*] and the possibly correct implementation (to overload but not replace) and to make compatiable with IPB 3.1.4 and possible future revisions to the "class public_forums_post_post" "public function saveForm( $type )" would be as below public function saveForm($type) { $forums = array(); $email_forum = false; $email_member = false; $forum = 0; $post = false; $members = array(); $member = 0; $email_member = array(); $counter = 0; $select_members = ""; if ($this->settings['email_notification_on'] == false) { parent :: saveForm($type); } if ($type != 'new' AND $type != 'reply') { parent :: saveForm($type); } if ($this->settings['email_notification_forums'] != '*') { $forums = explode(",", $this->settings['email_notification_forums']); if (count($forums) > 0) { foreach ($forums as $forum) { if ($topic['forum_id'] == $forum) { $email = true; } } } } else { $email_forum = true; } if (preg_match("/,/i", $this->settings['email_notification_members'])) { $members = explode(",", $this->settings['email_notification_members']); } else { if ($this->settings['email_notification_members'] != $this->memberData['member_id']) { $select_members = "member_id = " . $this->settings['email_notification_members']; $email_member = true; } } if (count($members) > 0) { foreach ($members as $member) { if ($member != "" AND $member > 0) { if ($member != $this->memberData['member_id']) { $select_members .= ($select_members != "") ? " OR member_id = $member" : "member_id = " . $member; $email_member = true; } } } } if ($email_forum == false OR $email_member == false) { parent :: saveForm($type); } $topic = $this->_postClass->getTopicData(); $post = $this->_postClass->getPostData(); switch ($type) { case 'reply' : try { if (!$this->_postClass->addReply() === FALSE) { if (!$topic['_returnToMove'] AND !$this->settings['post_order_sort'] == 'desc') { $this->email_notification($topic, $post, $type, $select_members); parent :: saveForm($type); } } } catch (Exception $error) { parent :: saveForm($type); } break; case 'new' : try { if (!$this->_postClass->addTopic() === FALSE) { $this->email_notification($topic, $post, $type, $select_members); parent :: saveForm($type); } } catch (Exception $error) { parent :: saveForm($type); } break; } } [*]I took the liberty to rearrange the code for clarity and code reduction. [*]In regards to exceptions arising from "addTopic()" and "addReply()" and since "email_notification" does not have any new exceptions coded at this time, we merely call the parent and the exceptions will get handled and the appropriate redirect will be done. [*]This implementation has not been tested. [*]If I need the functionality of this hook I will debug and post any corrections here. [*]NOTE: The functionality of this hook would be better implemented as "Data Hook" in the Location "postFirstPost" which would require a rewrite of above implementation but would make all the exception handling go away [*]Thank you for the education. NOTE: I recommend that IPB implement a "postFirstPost" data hook point which passes both Topic and Post data. As it is the developer has to horse around with the DB or implement two hooks to get all the data needed to do what is being attempted with the "(caps) Email Post Notification" [*]Therefore This "(caps) Email Post Notification" appears to be not compatible with IPB 3.1.4 [*]Specifically looking at this "hooks.xml" code [*]and comparing it with the "post.php" at "class public_forums_post_post" "public function saveForm( $type ) " which this hook replaces [*]We note: [*]Now the "hook.xml" did illustrate how the overloading can work while preserving the original load [*] Reviewing the code ( and this ) we note that original "class public_forums_post_post" "public function saveForm( $type ) "can be executed with
  6. Several questions - VB to IPB

    Here are screen shots of IP.Subscription system http://community.invisionpower.com/gallery/album/1698-ipsubscription-screen-shots/ Interesting I tried to use the gallery BB code [gallery type="album"][/gallery]to point to the images But just putting a link to gallery in my profile does a trick anyway What I wanted was to put the slide show here but no time now for further research. What I really want is this but using script.alisio.us. Anybody know where I can get it? david
  7. Download: Classifieds

    New install 3.1.4 installed classifieds problem on my forum email notifications works OK when user is subscribed to forum email notifications are not sent when user is subscribed to classified category also Invision Power Board> Your control panel> Settings > Notification Options the radio button "Notify me of new classifieds in subscribed categories" does not stay set on pressing "save changes" also ACP > Members > Manage Members > Viewing Member david the radio button "Notify me of new classifieds in subscribed categories" does not stay set on pressing "save changes" also Invision Power Board > Your control panel > Forums > Manage Watched Forums lists the forums that the user has subscribed to but There is not an entry here or a tab for classified category subscriptions note: problem exist with both users who are members and users who are administrators Any pointer would be appreciated david
  8. Several questions - VB to IPB

    Akonsa I am same person that has been hitching a ride with you on all of this. I just purchased ITB under a new user name and am now getting it setup on my server. When bfarber says "there was a cross of very good timing there" means that he could not answer our questions on IP subscriptions of the previous couple of days because he did not know the answers as how the particular IP subscriptions would fit into their future product Plans. Well now he knows and we know too. Once I get my board completely installed I will give you a report back as to what I find. I can report at this time that there is no additional documentation in download manual on IP subscriptions. But there may well be some more information once I get my ACP up and running. david