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  1. Hi, One thing we have noticed is people can download files and they just go into negative points and are able to continue to download files. In the points per download section we have Points Per Download set to -2000 And we have it configured so members can set their own prices Is there anything else that needs to be configured to disallow members from going into negative points? I also notice that these downloads do not appear in economy transactions (not sure if they are supposed to or not)
  2. Hi, Yes the thumbnails show for the logged in user but NOT the guest on your block But when they guest goes to the gallery section the thumbnails show up under recent images
  3. Hi, We have it set so that guests can view 2 imgaes before having to register / login. I cannot spot the setting to allow guests to view the image thumbs on this block. All that is appearing is the title "Recent Gallery Images" and there are no picture thumbs showing. When viewing the actual gallery page they are showing up ok, so we assume its connected to the block permissions? Many thanks again.
  4. Hi, Can we configure this to choose how many 50x50 images are displayed in the row or how many images it shows in total? My column is too thin to have 5 in a row so the default 10 that shows is 3 rows of 3 with the odd one below. Ideally I would like to either show 9 images or 12, 15 18 etc so we have full rows and not odd images underneath being displayed many thanks
  5. Hi, Spotted the error - for some reason only some of the forums were highlighted under filters. I highlighted the rest and they are all appearing.
  6. Hi, for some reason it does not seem to be picking up all the new posts. It seems to have missed the odd one, IE if we made several test posts named 1,2,3,4, onwards etc and it only shows 1,3,4,7 - not all of them 1 to 10 We are using IPBoard 3.3.2 and IPcontent 2.3.1
  7. Hi, Will this work with ipboard 3.3.2 ipdownloads 2.5.1 many thanks
  8. Hi, Will this work with ipboard 3.3.2 and ipgallery 4.2.1
  9. This might be down to my server config - dont worry about my last post until webair get back to me
  10. Hi, I was adding new categories earlier today ok I have just installed 1.2.5b Now when I try to add a category I get Driver Error There appears to be an error with the database. If you are seeing this page, it means there was a problem communicating with our database. Sometimes this error is temporary and will go away when you refresh the page. Sometimes the error will need to be fixed by an administrator before the site will become accessible again. You can try to refresh the page by clicking here
  11. Hi, Been getting an error and when reported to support they replied... Jason Hanna 30 December 2011 - 03:29 AM Hello, It's one of your hooks.. (RSyvarth) Social Group Forum Seems it doesn't handle deleted topics very well.. It causes a driver error of mySQL query error: SELECT g.* FROM ibf_social_groups g WHERE g.g_forum= Check with that mod author, see if they know about it, and if they've updated the mod to handle that better. -- Jason Hanna Invision Power Services, Inc.
  12. Hi, no matter what group option a user signs up with it defaults to the same basic member group IE try a test one here. http://www.goldenswingers.com/socialnetwork/ Any ideas?
  13. Everything works except when clicking the tab - it drops below the menu line pushing all the other tabs behind. IE - http://www.truststaffordshire.com/classifieds/ Do you have any idea what is causing this and point me in the direction of how I can fix it? Willing to send a donation if you can help me and we can fix this and use the skin as our main one. Many thanks,
  14. I have everything working now except the tab. Could you give me any pointers as how to correct that? Many thanks for your help.
  15. Hi, Fantastic skin. I would like to use it as my default so wondered if you will be adding support for classifieds? IE - http://www.truststaffordshire.com/classifieds/ Fingers crossed...
  16. Hi, For some reason if I click the large thumbnail picture in the classifieds it opens up at the bottom of the page. For example, http://www.truststaffordshire.com/classifieds/item/7-summer-day-night-baby-video-monitor/ Pictures open OK in the main forums Any ideas please? Many thanks
  17. Hi, I had a classified entry open, and I clicked the facebook link to share and the following error occured. classifieds share link for facebook - error as follows { "error": { "message": "Invalid redirect_uri: Given URL is not permitted by the application configuration.", "type": "OAuthException" } } Any ideas? Many thanks
  18. Hi, Just to add I have added facebook and twitter connect and they have pushed the sign in text even furthur under the create account button in IE8
  19. Hi, I have just purchased this skin and installed it. On my install when I view it in firefox and google chrome it looks fine but in internet explorer 8 the create count overlays the sign in text on the index page.
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