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  1. Hi, Do you have a latest gallery images content block that works with IP Gallery 5 & IPcontent 2.3.2 Thanks,
  2. Hi, Thanks for the info - I have now upgraded to 3.4.2 - have you now got it running on that and can confirm if it still functions?
  3. Hi, Is this confirmed working with ipb 3.4?
  4. Hi, I am running IP 3.4.2 and am now ready to install this for the first time - Is the current release stable now or should I wait for any impending updates? I want to use it for a brand new site we have been working on and will only be using paypal for any transactions so if theres bugs with nexus etc, that won't be a problem for us. Many thanks
  5. Hi, Any chance of getting an answer to this one - I want my new site open to all ages to use and we need to avoid any bad language. I would really appreciate a heads up either way on this one. Thanks
  6. Hi, I would like to edit this text which appears in the forum post announcing the new file - Click here to view the media Where do I edit this as i could not find it in the language file Many thanks,
  7. He has come back with this... Tom Christian said: The reason it's not working is because that addon is using 2 different images for the friend icon. One is white and one is black. The black one appears on hover/click but the white one is present by default and therefore not compatible with the style of this skin. You'll need to ask the creator of that mod to edit the CSS for you or tell you how to replace the CSS yourself with a fix. The fix will be fairly simple.
  8. Is there a badword / filter settings we can apply in anyway? Many thanks
  9. Hi, Will this work on ipb version 3.4.1 Many thanks
  10. Hi, Any luck or ideas? - it's starting to cause a bit of confusion with some of my members. Thanks,
  11. Hi, just sent you a pm with logon and url
  12. Hi, We have just added a new hook and although it works fine with the default IP skin, there is a problem with the icon not showing up in your skin although we have coppied it into the public/style_images/tctc91_simplify directory The author has asked if you can check it out as per our conversation in this thread http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/377090-download-sos34-friends-online/?p=2357906 Thanks,
  13. Hi, Yes and it shows up ok when I mouse over that area - it just disappears when I move the mouse away
  14. Hi, Just purchased and love the idea of this. It works fine on the default IPB skin but we are using this theme http://community.invisionpower.com/index.php?app=downloads&module=display&section=file&id=5417 On this theme if you mouse over the area the friends icon shows up OK, but without mousing over the area there is nothing visible apart from the red bubble with the number of friends online.
  15. Any idea how long that will be as they have only just released the 3.4.1 and im stumped if it will be weeks rather than days. Thanks,
  16. Hi Does this work on IPcontent running on invision board 3.4.1
  17. Hi, Any idea how long until you will be releasing 3.4.2 Thanks,
  18. Hi, Sure. It is one of the standard menu options Main Overview Settings Statistics Categories Customization Custom Fields Mime Types Tools Bulk Import from Directory Bulk Import from Zip File Tools
  19. Hi, I just tried to do a bulk import from directory in IPcontent and got the following error. I have replaced my domain name with xxxx's in case that causes confusion. Warning: require_once(/usr/www/virtual/xxxxxxxxxxxxx/admin/applications_addon/other/supernewsfeed/sources/actions/newFile.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /usr/www/virtual/xxxxx/admin/sources/base/core.php on line 1162 Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/usr/www/virtual/xxxxxxxxxxadmin/applications_addon/other/supernewsfeed/sources/actions/newFile.php' (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php:/usr/www/virtual/xxxxxxxxx/ips_kernel/') in /usr/www/virtual/janeyweb2/www.xxxxx/admin/sources/base/core.php on line 1162
  20. Hi, Just one other quick question. Can you confirm what the name is for the recent testimonials sidebar hook "your_hook_class_name" as I will also want to plug this into my IPContent page. As per this tips and tricks tutorial - http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/365773-tips-tricks-how-to-convert-ipb-hooks-into-ipcontent-blocks/page__hl__%2Bproper+%2Bcached+%2Bphp+%2Bfile Many thanks again.
  21. OK thanks, do you have a rough ETA as I have this running on a 100,000 plus user site and need to decide if I should pull it for the moment if we are looking at a few weeks etc? Many thanks,
  22. Hi, just noticed with the way I have it setup, if I delete a testimonial from one category it is being removed from both. So ideally whats the best way to get them all removed and reimported correctly into just 1 category Many thanks,
  23. Hi, Any help on this one much appreciated. I have had a blonde moment today when installing this. I imported my testimonials from from testimonial forum before adding 2 categories. I have subsequently added two categories Now all the testimonials appear in both categories. Also when viewing the category list at this level - /forums/testimonials/ although the categories have the testimonals inside, they are showing as having 0 testimonials where it lists how many views and testimonials each category contains. I can go in and manually delete them all from one of the categories, but is there a quicker way? Is there something I can run show the stats show up correctly Whats the best thing to do to get around this? Many thanks
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