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  1. Ok got round the last problem by recaching everything. We are using the slider and it looks fab on the PC, but on mobile devices it looks poor on just about everything due to the start and end points of the slide - so many screens don't see everything. Can we ask if it is possible to add a setting where we can choose to have the slider switched on for desktop pc config and the option to switch it off on the mobile responsive version or is this already possible to do?
  2. Hi, It is really imporant to hide language packs on some of our installs. Would love this addition instead of manually editing the skins to hide.
  3. Hi, Will it be possible for our members to use the raffle module via the IPB mobile skin anytime soon as it will be a great way for us to get lots of people to enter the raffles. In this day and age so much business & surfing is done when mobile.
  4. Unlucky

    Cookie Bar

    Hi, If people are using the mobile skin and click full version. The i accept the use of cookies button does not work and just stays there. Will this be possible to fix and if not, is there any other options people are using that work with mobile? many thanks
  5. Hi, I know the mobile responsive part is not covered under support, but I just wanted to know if anyone has got it working successfully themselves? And is it possible for you to try our site and let me know if it loads or not for you? The site is - http://www.asdwise.com/ (loads fine from a pc) I am trying to load my site with this fantastic skin and getting the following error when I try Web page not available The web page at http://www.asdwise.com/ could not be loaded as HTTP error code 500 Internal server error. I have also used a mobile phone emulator and cannot load the page from that either. We tested with http://www.mobilephoneemulator.com/ We would be extremely grateful if anyone can let us know if it works for you or not or if you have had the same problem and fixed it? Many thanks
  6. Hi, I figured it out. I added the code into a block template and then created a new block and used the created template.
  7. Hi, They dont come as blocks, its code snippets that can be added from the index file in "theme smart clean paid skinExtrathe extra free ip.content blocks" part of the download. I originally tested with the countdown one and that worked ok using the same process, so think it would be something else.
  8. Hi, I have chosen - Add block - Custom - HTML - and added the code for "articles blocks with images and hover effects" but nothing is appearing when I select the template tag code {parse block="reviews"} add it to the ip content page and view it. Any ideas on what I have missed? thanks...
  9. Hi not sure if this is covered or not as its a question on the home button link in mobile We have ipcontent as the home index page and have edited the main skin to point to the index page instead of the forums page. We would like to edit the home button in the mobile skin to point to the ip index page aswell - any idea what I need to edit in the mobile skin? Thanks,
  10. Hi, Ok many thanks Also is there a way to set the default to - "First Attachment" when people are starting new threads instead of the current First Linked Image With the option set that way it will catch lots more of the uploads.
  11. Hi, I have upgraded to invision 3.4.5 and Topic Covers v1.0.3 When I click a topic cover it is NOT showing the image and we get this instead - of the picture so you have to click the view full topic button to see the images etc. Any ideas?
  12. Unlucky

    Contact Form

    Hi, What is the process for copyright removal for this? Thanks,
  13. Hi, I am planning my upgrade. Sorry if I have missed this, but will it work with 3.4.5 Thanks,
  14. apologies if I have missed this but will it work with 3.4.5 as I am preparing to upgrade. many thanks
  15. Hi, it's your rebuild Exists Attachment tool found in Other Apps - (DP33) Watermark For Forum Attachments - Tools (With this tool you can rebuild all exists forum attachments and add watermarks to them.)
  16. Hi, Well we just assumed that if you run the rebuild tool it would stamp everything with the settings in Text Watermark Settings IE ours is set to - Added by <#uploader_name#> on <#board_url#> But when running the rebuild tool, it sets admin as the user for every photo as the uploader name. Hope that makes sense. thanks
  17. Hi, unless I am doing something wrong we have just spotted a major bug with this. If we use the tool Rebuild Exists Attachments it sets the added by user to the site admin for all photos and not the user who uploaded the pics. We ran this last night and now admin appears to have uploaded nearly 40,000 photos - HELP
  18. Hi, Anyone got this working on 3.3.x ?
  19. HI, Sorry that url is prefixed with Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class feed_rss in So it should read Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class feed_rss in /usr/www/virtual/xxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxxxx/forums/admin/applications_addon/other/supernewsfeed/sources/actions/rss.php
  20. Hi, I am getting a user complaining he is intermittently getting this error /forums/admin/applications_addon/other/supernewsfeed/sources/actions/rss.php on line 3 I have not seen this error when using the site but he is getting several times per visit. Any ideas?
  21. Unlucky

    [HQ] Badges

    Hi, Will this work with any theme?
  22. Hi, I increased but still no luck
  23. Hi, It looks like all of those are already high - z-index: 9999999;
  24. Hi, I have added a flash banner to my site and the splash page is not masking it - it shows through Is there anything that can be done to ensure the splash page overlays the banner? Thanks,
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