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  1. Hi how can I space out the buttons as I have two rows and the buttons are touching each other Row two button tops are touching the bottom of the top row. Thanks
  2. Hi, I think it would be good to have the option to have the tabs retained when someone clicks into sub forums. Currently when they do that, they have to start again by clicking the top level forum link for the tabs to reappear.
  3. Hi, Can we edit the text that pops up in the window or is this option something you can add so we can taylor it to our site
  4. Hi, I have created a page with several layouts on the page Is there a way i can now insert a new layout into the middle of the existing page? I cannot seem to be able to drag and drop the layouts - i only have a cross to delete them.
  5. Hi, can you confirm what the $hook_class_name for the raffle announcements is please as I am going to add a block to ipcontent. I tried rafflesAnnouncements but got the following error - Error! Hook with classname "rafflesAnnouncements" does not exist! many thanks,
  6. The mod mentioned on the other forum ( http://www.moneymakingexperts.org/f12/claim-google-authorship-your-forum-threads-497/ )gives you full control on what you are trying to claim which should be ok if you are only using it for the correct type content you start. Also it does't apply any authorship to the replies If it was only used for IPcontent articles and the blog section, would that be ok? Or does google look at the site as a whole?
  7. HI, OK I think I know what I did so will mention it here in case anyone else is as silly as me lol Althought I was logged into the CP admin, I wasn't logged into the forum as admin when trying to do the visual edit. >_<
  8. Hi, Any idea why this would suddenly stop working? When I click the Visually Edit Layout I get to the correct url, for example - /index.php?app=ccs&id=8&liveEdit=1&secure_key=6502a4874f1146c1dfbc50204f99f4da&wizard_id=ea9667af2921c30410e37108d5e2a972 But all I see is the live page like the surfer would see. We have not installed any new hooks, and I have uninstalled and reinstalled this mod to check if that fixed it. We have also added the jquery fix - http://code.jquery.com/ui/1.10.3/jquery-ui.js into the url field. Any ideas or where to start looking or what it might be?
  9. Hi, can anyone give me any pointers to this? Many thanks
  10. Hi, To make the menu system more mobile friendly on a phone I am using the IPcontent navigation menus instead. The button for that though is slighly to tall for your design - Any idea how to edit it so it stays within your top and bottom border? if you look here the above will probably make more sense - http://www.asdwise.com/ Thanks,
  11. Hi, I have had a play around with this now and it is neat. What would be perfect for my site is also having a 2 column at 50% for each column added to the layouts. How easy would this be to do?
  12. Hi, I want to purchase this but before I do can anyone help with... I am using '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> with '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Am I likely to hit any issues?, and do you know how the columns would be processed on a mobile phone, IE - colum1 followed by column 2 then 3 etc Many thanks
  13. Hi, have a new error that contains some server info, going to try and pm the error to you now.
  14. Looks like your suggestion has fixed the issue - Many thanks. We are in the process of going mobile friendly using a responsive skin and have decided to use the now stable supernewsfeed as the main info on our IPcontent homepage. Previously we used multi columns and one of them contained your HSC Recent Posts which had options to includes the option for Display topic start info. You super newsfeed does not include this for the capture post info. Is this something that can be added or can you let me know what code I would need to add to the PortalPluginMain code (which is where our IP content block is pulling all the entries from) many thanks again
  15. Hi, Finally got around to installing and using this now. I have the announcement but the {raffles} code is not displaying anything, I just get the text and {membername} seems to be working ok I am using IP.Board 3.3.4
  16. Hi, Just to report back that someone else has just got that error so will now go ahead and delete the file you suggest.
  17. Hi, OK that file is there so will try that if it happens again as... We did do something else last night that seems to have stopped it occuring so far... and are monitoring it now. We manually deleted your IPcontent block and imported the ipcontent block you include with your lastest version. If this does make the difference then it might be worth adding that to your upgrade instructions as I am guessing this latest one differs slightly from the one we had installed from the earlier version. I will let you know if we get any more errors and if we do also try your latest idea above. thanks again
  18. any other ideas please as it seems to be happening even more now following the upgrade to the lastest version & your instructions above to fix and generating more user complaints Any help ASAP extremely appreciated
  19. Hi, Followed the instructions but still getting the error.
  20. Hi, Upgraded to latest version and still getting this intermitent error on our IP content page Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class feed_rss in /usr/wwwxxxxxxxco.uk/forums/admin/applications_addon/ips/ccs/sources/blocks/feed/data_sources/rss.php on line 14
  21. Hi, I have asked some people to beta test our site and one of the main feedback points was the slider is great, especially as we use it to provide a tour of what the site is about. But is there anyway to close or minimize it once all 8 screens have been displayed? If not, one other thought was to include the slider in an ipcontent page rather than have it appear at the top of every ip content page, then put a link in the menu to an "about the site" and link it to that page containing the slider. so in order to that, what slider code do I need to get from the Slider_config / Slider_body to use to insert the slider into either a ip content block, or directly into a page. Many thanks again
  22. Ok got round the last problem by recaching everything. We are using the slider and it looks fab on the PC, but on mobile devices it looks poor on just about everything due to the start and end points of the slide - so many screens don't see everything. Can we ask if it is possible to add a setting where we can choose to have the slider switched on for desktop pc config and the option to switch it off on the mobile responsive version or is this already possible to do?
  23. Hi, It is really imporant to hide language packs on some of our installs. Would love this addition instead of manually editing the skins to hide.
  24. Hi, Will it be possible for our members to use the raffle module via the IPB mobile skin anytime soon as it will be a great way for us to get lots of people to enter the raffles. In this day and age so much business & surfing is done when mobile.
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