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  1. Pages SuperGrid support

    Hi, Sorry off topic. Feature Request for a new addition to the super range Can you do one for clubs? The current one looks rubbish compared to the pages and topic ones on https://www.walkingfootball.com/ Would be a great way to encourage more members to start a club if it can be feature nicely on the homepage somehow?
  2. Club Sponsors Page - Supporttopic

    Hi, Nice it is working - https://www.walkingfootball.com/clubs/8-demo-club/?do=sponsors Is there a way though for members to organise the order of them like the partner page for the main software? When I add a new one it justs add them underneath at the moment
  3. This is weird because the date of that post and the image was uploaded with it was Posted 11 hours ago https://www.walkingfootball.com/forums/topic/995-tra-walking-football-national-league/ I myself uploaded the other one on Posted Tuesday at 11:28 AM you are looking at this image of a football team https://www.walkingfootball.com/forums/topic/995-tra-walking-football-national-league/?tab=comments#comment-1650
  4. Testimonials Manager

    If I try moving testimonials to the sidebar they don't appear Is this a bug with the latest release of the app?
  5. Hi, I have just re enabled this on the homepage and I think something is wrong Under - Main Settings I don't have the forums in question excluded in the plugin. I have First post disabled I have first attachment disabled For some reason on the home page https://www.walkingfootball.com/ It is showing the latest image as from this post made tuesday - https://www.walkingfootball.com/forums/topic/1017-news-update-on-man-city-walking-football-the-kingsmaid-europa-cup-walking-football-tournament-in-salou-spain/?tab=comments#comment-1594 But surely it should be showing the image from this topic entry posted several hours ago https://www.walkingfootball.com/forums/topic/995-tra-walking-football-national-league/ Any ideas? The above example photo may change depending on how long it takes for you to read this. But that is how it is at time of posting this thanks
  6. Babble: Real Time Chat

    does anyone know where you change the colour of the text when typing in the message box? I have switched theme colours and am getting a grey on dark grey...
  7. Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    Don't worry about this I completely reinstalled the theme fresh as a new upload and it seems to have cured the issue
  8. Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    I just upgraded my iawards application today and turned off the display user awards in post option When I then went to the site I just got a white page with this error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in /var/www/sites/www.site.com/uploads/template_7_b3dfab493227b88f2da87f496618b8f5_embed.php on line 2 I ran the support tool to clear cache etc When I swapped to the default invision skin the site came back up again fine
  9. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    If the version you host will sort out all of our user problems and complaints can you pm me a deal about swapping from my self hostage package over to your hosted one please.
  10. Club Sponsors Page - Supporttopic

    Hi @ Adriano Faria can you give him any pointers?
  11. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    Hi just to add I did ask this info to clear browser cache Also we don't have any widget installed - just the chatroom And it's the same people complaining that used to use it without issues. We hardly have anyone log in anon
  12. Job Board App ?

    we are interested in this too - Are you doing this now instead of Adriano? Thanks
  13. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    Hi, Have you had any feedback This is how my chat moderator who spends a lot of time in the room explains it. "Hi Been following the room over the weekend and it looks like there is still a problem with the list showing chatters in the room, many still dont appear when they enter, its 100% better than before but not right, the odd chatter has said his been booted out but nothing like before. The chatters in the room counter is definitely up the creek showing 3 or 4 when 10 are in"
  14. will send a pm with acp access now
  15. Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    There is a lot of space to the left of the home menu link at the top. Is there a way to shift the menu items to the left more so we can have more links on display? https://www.walkingfootball.com Thanks