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    gptcafe got a reaction from Miss_B in Things that you miss the most right now   
    I have been working for myself for just over 10 years...
    I never realized how much I actually left the house to go somewhere, even to just grab a quick coffee....until this craziness
    Coffee Runs and freedom to roam Walmart 😄
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    gptcafe got a reaction from Miss_B in Why I chose Ipb   
    Great Choice on community board software. I chose IPB over Xenforo due to similar concerns. Anytime i need support, mostly through tickets, its been handled very well.
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    gptcafe reacted to Miss_B in Why I chose Ipb   
    I am starting a new project and I have been looking around for the right forum to use. At first I planned to use a free forum and see how things will go. If my project picked up, I would switch to a paid forum. After checking out a couple of free forums I decided to abandon that plan. The free forums that I checked, Smf and Mybb did not seem to have a feature at all. And that is understable seeing the fact that it is being developed by volunteers. 
    Next I took a look at XenForo and Ipb. And Ipb came on top almost immediately. Ipb has many many powerful features and options built in and it keeps getting better and better by seeing the new articles being posted with more awesome new options that are going to be added in the newest release. 
    Another thing that I liked a lot about Ipb is its staff. By looking at the articles being posted by @Matt, you could feel the pride, love and passion for their great product. The staff is also very professional and helpful judging by their posts here. I did not see that at the XenForo forum. The other way around, I saw a staff member there being very rude and arrogant to their (potential) customers. That was a big putt of, at least for me. 
    A big thank you to the Ips staff for all their hard work and professionalism. Keep it up :)
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    gptcafe got a reaction from SJ77 in When do we get to sell club memberships?   
    I was looking at doing something like this, having it built in would be fantastic,
    I am/will be allowing this through manual work and direct connection with the club owners. I do not mind it as it will give me opportunity to get to know my members and club owners on a more personal level.
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    gptcafe got a reaction from Cyboman in Bitcoin Support for Commerce   
    I think adding support for Coinbase would be awesome. I might start poking around to see what it will take to create this.
    There are many ways to do this... The cryptocoin gateways are not much different from PayPal, Stripe or others.
    I'd be will to develop this for donations to get it done,
    Connect with my if you would consider support this.
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    gptcafe got a reaction from MADMAN32395 in Bitcoin Support for Commerce   
    Yes, but your limited to just BTC.
    BTW the fees to send BTC are astronomical right now. I tried to send some coins to someone the other day, the fee for like a $15 transaction was $25. Yes the FEE was more then the item I wanted. The truth is, & in my own analysis right now BTC is not working as a currency, it is must more like a commodity, such as gold/silver is
    Coinbase and other Cryptocurrency platforms would be a good choice to because most support other coins. Which allows flexibility in future payment ways.
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