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  1. Does this support commission from commerce purchases? SO if users join from referral links from this app (instead of the built in links already available), the set commission would be paid?
  2. @Fosters - There seems to be an issue with Medal notifications and or the even when awarding the medals. Nothing happens other then the medal is given to the user. I created a rule, when medal is awarded, send a notification, and nothing happens, no log or anything other then a medal assigned to the user.
  3. I found a couple of issues today Purchasing any item from the shop does not reduce the points for the member Selling back the item does not increase the points for the member
  4. Awesome, Interestingly this was probably an issue but I was also logged in anonymously, which also prevents the bank from showing. I had as a test before coming here, unchecked/checked the permissions like you suggested. Good stuff, thanks
    looks and operates good. Some reason it ignores my global setting of not email validation required...and is requiring validation The only thing I think I would like to see is the referrer field on the reg page be unchangeable if it is set.
  5. Hello How can members see members they have referred? Is there a dedicated page they can see them listed? I am talking about the built in referral feature within the forum software..All i see is the banner page
  6. Hey No Cpanel, I manage the servers myself. Anyways I found the issue and successfully upgraded. The issue was I forgot I had placed a memory override in a .htacess within my admin folder for something I was trying to upload. All is good. Thanks!
  7. No Luck. For testing I also tried -1, still does not register.
  8. Hi So interesting error, when I tried to upgrade the upgrade package is saying my memory is 32MB, However, I have confirmed that my PHP.ini is in fact set to 128MB. I have rebooted the servers, resaved the php.ini, even completely stopped PHP and restarted, I cannot finish upgrading until this is addressed. Any idea? Anyone else any idea?
    Poor documentation and examples on setting up custom actions and exactly how to accomplish things. Trying to get answer from dev does not really get anywhere.. more of obvious remarks and really no help at all. The built in capabilities are nice, though I feel this could be updated to use some of the new features IP Board offers now.
  9. I am pretty sure I resolved this mystery issue. I updated both servers and added extra memory and also rebooted both servers. I have a hunch that the cache was the reason for the randomness, as it was eating up memory. Just a hunch for now IM calling this self-resolved.
  10. Yeah, my issue is not hardware related, I know this for fact. It happens way to randomly The servers are not being stressed by any means Only thing about being so random, I cannot reproduce it to show example to tech support. I might go to another platform and dump IPS. I rather lose the money I put in already then deal with lost membership and traffic later on. I'm going to try and screen cast and get it to reproduce.
  11. Yes, but your limited to just BTC. BTW the fees to send BTC are astronomical right now. I tried to send some coins to someone the other day, the fee for like a $15 transaction was $25. Yes the FEE was more then the item I wanted. The truth is, & in my own analysis right now BTC is not working as a currency, it is must more like a commodity, such as gold/silver is Coinbase and other Cryptocurrency platforms would be a good choice to because most support other coins. Which allows flexibility in future payment ways.
  12. I do not think you can from the Admin CP.. I think if you use the 3rd party integration options, you can set that in that account (I think).
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