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  1. Does this support commission from commerce purchases? SO if users join from referral links from this app (instead of the built in links already available), the set commission would be paid?
  2. @Fosters - There seems to be an issue with Medal notifications and or the even when awarding the medals. Nothing happens other then the medal is given to the user. I created a rule, when medal is awarded, send a notification, and nothing happens, no log or anything other then a medal assigned to the user.
  3. Great Choice on community board software. I chose IPB over Xenforo due to similar concerns. Anytime i need support, mostly through tickets, its been handled very well.
  4. I have been working for myself for just over 10 years... I never realized how much I actually left the house to go somewhere, even to just grab a quick coffee....until this craziness Coffee Runs and freedom to roam Walmart 😄
  5. I found a couple of issues today Purchasing any item from the shop does not reduce the points for the member Selling back the item does not increase the points for the member
  6. Awesome, Interestingly this was probably an issue but I was also logged in anonymously, which also prevents the bank from showing. I had as a test before coming here, unchecked/checked the permissions like you suggested. Good stuff, thanks
    looks and operates good. Some reason it ignores my global setting of not email validation required...and is requiring validation The only thing I think I would like to see is the referrer field on the reg page be unchangeable if it is set.
    Poor documentation and examples on setting up custom actions and exactly how to accomplish things. Trying to get answer from dev does not really get anywhere.. more of obvious remarks and really no help at all. The built in capabilities are nice, though I feel this could be updated to use some of the new features IP Board offers now.
  7. Yes, but your limited to just BTC. BTW the fees to send BTC are astronomical right now. I tried to send some coins to someone the other day, the fee for like a $15 transaction was $25. Yes the FEE was more then the item I wanted. The truth is, & in my own analysis right now BTC is not working as a currency, it is must more like a commodity, such as gold/silver is Coinbase and other Cryptocurrency platforms would be a good choice to because most support other coins. Which allows flexibility in future payment ways.
  8. I think adding support for Coinbase would be awesome. I might start poking around to see what it will take to create this. There are many ways to do this... The cryptocoin gateways are not much different from PayPal, Stripe or others. I'd be will to develop this for donations to get it done, Connect with my if you would consider support this.
  9. I think thats a specfic theme issue.. On my forum using a IPFocus theme, everything displays correctly,
  10. I was looking at doing something like this, having it built in would be fantastic, I am/will be allowing this through manual work and direct connection with the club owners. I do not mind it as it will give me opportunity to get to know my members and club owners on a more personal level.
  11. I would appreciate this very much. New Site, so I am in and out of my admin panel ALOT, doing a bunch of stuff, Would be nice not to have to grab my phone to 2fa. But again, I guess I could disable it until Im dont for the day or something But thinking as a user, this would most defiantly get annoying for a user. everywhere I have 2fa activated, seems I only have to do it once in a while, not every time.
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