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  1. Found one portion was missed and I solved it :) , just wanted to share. The Skin edit documentation found on the package doesn't work for the type "Redirect forum" So Author DawPi please add these lines of code as well. Board Index -> boardIndexTemplate Find: <img src='{$this->settings['img_url']}/f_redirect.png' /> Replace: <if test="$forum_data['icon'] != '' AND $forum_data['icon'] !='0'">{$forum_data['icon']}<else /><img src='{$this->settings['img_url']}/f_redirect.png' /></if> Forum View -> forumIndexTemplate Find: <img src='{$this->settings['img_url']}/f_redirect.png' /> Replace: <if test="$forum_data['icon'] != '' AND $forum_data['icon'] !='0'">{$forum_data['icon']}<else /><img src='{$this->settings['img_url']}/f_redirect.png' /></if> Enjoy Coding :) Regards, Zak
  2. Loved this too much so i bought the Full Package :)
  3. But the Pop up on clicking the Rank image is not working :(
  4. Wow great, Congratulations guys!!! So when can i expect promotions/discounts on sales ;)
  5. Found one small Bug as well... I changed the Module Title text for both Public and Admin Modules it's not showing me the changes. For example I changed "Forums" to "Home" but the Skin shows the same "Forums". but when i use default or any other themes it's showing the changes. This is for Renaming the Top Menu Links display text.
  6. Hi, I bought this theme, Really awesome job for my gaming forum. But i require help on two things 1. Making theme full screen means i want it to be 100% width :) 2. How to make the banner(the slide show on the top) to decrease the slide change speed and also how to make it appear on top of all the places like downloads, blogs, gallery and content. :( Please help :)
  7. Hi, First of all the Mode is fantastic, Only one issue is that when i select Display Mode as "Replace the indicator icon" it's not working. Below it shows "Replace the indicator icon - require skin edits." But i don't know what to edit on my skin :( Please help.
  8. Guys Update on the 1.2 Skin usage: Instruction Guide Step 1:- Import Skin Set : "sylo-ipbskinning.xml.gz" Step 2:- Import Image Set : "images-sylo.xml.gz" - Select "Sylo - IPBSkinning (Import)" as Apply To Skin Set option Step 3:- Copy all the Images from "style_imagessylo" folder from the extract to /YOURWEBSITE.COM/public/style_images/sylo There you go!!! Regards, Zak
  9. Hey i got it why it was not working... When you leave the Department as Blank and try to submit you end up with this error :P
  10. Hey even i'm getting : NO_START_PERM error :(
  11. Please let me know if we have a version for 3.2 would love to have it Edit: I think i found it http://community.invisionpower.com/files/download/4320-shoutbox/ :)
  12. Thanks for your response, Would check again and get back to you :)
  13. Fantastic!!! I was looking for HTML encode and finally you gave it out... Perfect :)
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