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  1. I know it won't really help people here, but if you want some normal emoticons that match the style of the emoji, I have some free packs you can download for your forum. If any of you want any other twitter emoji turned into emoticon packs, give me a reply can I can package up more themed packs.
  2. I know. Embedding requires pressing enter, which means every single post that ends with an embedded video will have a blank paragraph at the end. Which is why I considered it a good idea to remove only single blank lines at the end of posts.
  3. Will attempt to update this to the latest version. Shouldn't be too hard, worst thing will be the new menus :l
  4. Maybe the post filter needs some special rules for things like font size, to not allow things like above
  5. Well, on the same topic but not directly related, it would be nice to get dedicated buttons for the functions in the "support wizard" thing because it's a big pain to have to drag that out every time.
  6. There will always be new bugs, can never fix them all.
  7. Well, glad this exists, because the stock tag functionality is godawful
  8. Mirroring the above poster, the video support right now is... really half-assed. I'm glad the whole video side may be getting a revamp.
  9. So... no renew fee now? If this is a permanent thing, I'll be buying the addon most likely!
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