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  1. Are you kidding me? It's such an obvious feature that should have been implemented ages ago! It's no wonder why i don't feel the need to renew my subscription anymore.
  2. Michael, after i upgraded my 3.3.0 forums to 3.3.1, right after, i uploaded the new files for 1.3.2 (i was using 1.3.1). When going to the ACP, i got an unusual prompt, where instead of the ACP, i was greeted with the same upgrade screen when making IPB upgrades. Except that it was indeed telling me to upgrade your app. So, i did what it wanted me to. I ran the upgrader and it was progressing nicely, when suddenly it all stopped and it showed this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method output::getAsMobileSkin() in /home/user/public_html/forums/admin/sources/classes/editor/composite.php on line 247 Now, i'm not sure if the upgrade completed, but i doubt it. I reloaded my main forum page and the shoutbox was missing from the main index page, however the shoutbox tab was still there and when i clicked on the latter, the shoutbox did load. So, how do i make sure that the upgrade process completed 100%? And why did i get that error when upgrading from shoutbox 1.3.1 to 1.3.2 on IPB 3.3.1? I believe i found another bug, which reset some settings on the shoutbox after upgrading from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2 (it shouldn't change any settings). In order to make the shoutbox appear on the main index page again, i had to go to Display on? in the Settings: Hook: Global Shoutbox menu and changed it back to Board Index Page. It was reset to Every Page.
  3. It's taking much much longer than i expected. I stopped checking, as i thought it'd be out within a few days after this official site runs on 3.3.1. Ah well, it's business. Make us wait longer so more licenses expire, hence people have to renew their subscription in order to get the updates. :devil:
  4. Well, you seem very confident on the bug-free nature of the upcoming version of the Calendar. Let's hope there's no disappointment. :rofl:
  5. Can't see any betas in the Client Lounge. So, all the testing is internal for the Calendar? No customers involved in the beta testing i guess.
  6. Found some anomalies (bugs?): I'm using IPB 3.3.0 final and shoutbox 1.3.0. In the Manage Applications & Modules section of the ACP, next to shoutbox 1.3.0 it says up to date. But shouldn't there be a message there instead, telling the admin that there is a new version 1.3.1 out? So that the admin will know that a new version is available as it's not user-friendly to always have to check the marketplace to see if there are any updates. Please don't get me wrong, Michael, i for one, am very grateful for your hard work and i love to see new and improved releases. But the updating process would be much easier if there was a way to alert the admin from the ACP itself. Then the admin can just visit the marketplace to download the new version instead of having to constantly check the marketplace every day. This will also ensure that admins are informed as soon as a new version is released. Sometimes i go without the new version for weeks before i happen to come across a new version. Finding updates should not be left out to luck. At the bottom of my board index, there are no list of members using the shoutbox, although there are members using the shoutbox. I have enabled the corresponding hook but to no effect. I just noticed this problem as i was checking your screenshots.
  7. I was very surprised too, and disappointed to say the least. I thought it was intentional, but then it didn't make any sense. Why would the developers want to shut out members from being able to check which reports were filed/fixed/confirmed/etc, since it is the members who report the bugs in the first place.
  8. Yeah, i jumped when i saw 3.3.1 running on this forum, but the client area shows only 3.3.0. Maybe it'll be available for download before the weekend? I'd like to complete the upgrade before Wrestlemania 28 on Sunday. :sheep:
  9. Yeah, but unfortunately it doesn't work. It hasn't worked in ages, uses way too much resources, is plagued with bugs, and is not compatible with 3.3.0! The dev has even admitted that his mod needs a LOT of work and he might drop it or give it up to another dev as he can't handle it. Since your mod actually works, i was thinking that you could easily adapt it so that the similar topics are shown after opening a topic just above/below the fast reply box. You could do that easily since you appear to already have the code in place in your mod.
  10. OK, i have completely disabled ATP (both app and hook) and i can confirm that the problems have stopped. The popup correctly displays all the tags used in a topic when i hover my cursor over "and 2 more..." tags. Concerning the bug fixed in 3.3.1, you can refer to my Request ID 791785 which has been actually handled by 3 different tech people!
  11. I have no idea why, but the same error has come up again, like before. I don't understand. I didn't even post anything and my forums are closed. I just hovered my cursor over a topic with "and 2 more..." instead of "and 1 more..." and it broke again. I'm not going to bother IPS support again, as they clearly told me that the problem was due to ATP. This is the same error in the popup window: Warning: App or area missing from classes_like in /home/user/public_html/forums/admin/sources/classes/tags/bootstrap.php on line 62 Fatal error: Meta ID missing in /home/user/public_html/forums/admin/sources/classes/tags/abstract.php on line 916
  12. I was told that the fix was applied to my site, and the bug was fixed in 3.3.1. I'm not sure if they will release a 3.3.0 patch for it. Maybe you could figure out what was fixed/changed if you had a look at my forum files?
  13. OK, support told me that the bug has been fixed directly in 3.3.1 as it was discovered via my support ticket, so it won't appear in the Tracker. After adding a few tags across all the topics in my forums, i came across another problem. Here is my support ticket that i submitted earlier: Here is support's reply: It looks like an ATP update is due soon. :smile:
  14. This mod (if fixed) would be much more appropriate and more powerful for the "Similar Topics" feature instead of the current tags system, as this mod relies on actual keywords within the topics' title and body, which give more accurate and better results, compared to the tags feature which absolutely requires the presence of tags in all the topics for the system to work effectively. Most of the time, this is just not possible, to add several dozens of tags to each and every topic. I know you have been struggling for a long time with this mod, Dawpi. I suggest it's time to let it go to another available/capable developer since it's such an important feature on any forum. I come from using the SMF forum software and this feature is already developed and working perfectly since several years and updated with every major release, as needed. It's hard to imagine a forum software without a working "Similar Topics" feature. I think any developer who can make this feature work and put in enough effort to properly code this, would certainly reap the benefits, as a price tag for this mod would not go undeserved at that point.
  15. Ryan, here is the response from IPS support: I can confirm that the problem has been fixed on my forums, although i can't find the particular bug fix in the tracker for this issue: http://community.inv...-24-ipboard-3x/ Now, i don't know if running the mass-add tags feature will cause this bug to re-activate?
  16. Ryan, i got the reply from IPS support: I don't have a backup as i never thought that using the mass-add tags would destroy my forums. Is there no way to save my forums?
  17. I totally agree with kenichi. Trying to give more control to members would simply turn them into mini or closer to full-fledged moderators, which doesn't make sense, as the line between actual moderators and members would then be completely blurred. Sometimes, you have to learn to say "no" to members, as they are famously known to complain all the time. I've been webmaster and admin for almost a decade, and i can't even begin to testify about the thousands of cases where a member would show up and "demand" a certain feature, even escalating his request by gathering support and in some extreme cases, threatening to leave the forums. I went out of my way to make the missing features happen, and after paying good money to some third-party developers, the requested features were finally added. The rioting members calmed down, but lo and behold, these same members gradually left the forum or became so quiet, they never posted!! So, what's the use of always listening to what a minority wants when you can never be sure that all the efforts and money spent will be worth it in the long run. Anyway, with experience, most admins tend to get better at knowing when and how to deal with members and their unending lists of requests and dream features.
  18. I asked support to provide some explanations on how they solved it (assuming they do). So maybe this will help to diagnose and better prevent this type of problem.
  19. I disabled the Prefixes hook. Didn't fix it. Then i disabled the application itself, still didn't fix it. I'm submitting a support ticket to IPS right now. If i recall correctly, when i mass-added tags, i had probably set the value too high per cycle, which caused a time-out or out-of-memory error, which is when the problems started happening. There should be a way to fix this if the process can be reversed, cleanly. Maybe improve the maintenance functionality of the tags and prefixes so that it scans and completely cleans out any residual tags, so that i can restart the tags mass-adding process all over again.
  20. I installed the latest update 2.1.2 on a fresh installation of 3.3.0 and mass-added tags. It broke my forums, as several topics now show this error: Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 70778880) (tried to allocate 24 bytes) in /home/user/public_html/forums/ips_kernel/classDbMysqliClient.php on line 488 I cached all tags and then recached all the topics, but the problems persists. Don't know what else to do.
  21. That's exactly what i asked about when i first installed IPB. The "0 warning points" is quite frankly completely unnecessary. It's like wearing a white shirt with big black writing "I have not yet committed any crimes". You could have just been wearing normal clothes unlike convicted criminals with the orange suits, if you get my meaning? Unless a member is convicted of violating the forum rules, there should be no such display of "0 warning points". The only reason i can think of, why IPS made the warning system as it is, could be to reduce serve resource usage. Maybe using a simpler, more compact warning system lightens the load?? But it's still a step backward in terms of functionality and user-friendliness IMO.
  22. What if you didn't allow members to post replies but edit only, using a new permission set? Unless you want to limit that to one or some topics only (instead of an entire board), then maybe there is a way to have custom permissions per topic... a modification maybe? You should check the marketplace in case it already exists.
  23. Well, isn't the whole purpose of having a locked thread to limit the ability of members to edit/add/remove any replies. :rofl: In your case, if the member has posted info that might be considered as "sensible", they should report the post and add the reason as "remove these words or line, etc" so the moderators or admins can take care of the editing.
  24. Found it! It's easy, really. In ACP > Members TAB > Members > Member Management Tools You will find it right under Guest Tools which is the last option on that page. :sorcerer:
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