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  1. Paying to change the domain on a license you OWN is ridiculous IMO. Though.
  2. I'm fine with the renewal fees, but not the fact that I have no access to the software at all unless I pay the renewal.. And the fact that you have to pay $15 to change your damn URL. It's costly. IPB has too many "fees"
  3. I have had a license that has been sat around doing nothing, I had a bit of spare time and I thought I would start a new forum. I usually use xenforo for my projects but this time I thought I would give IPB a chance. I logged into the client area to download IPB and to my surprise I couldn't download IPB because I needed to "re-activate" my license.. I couldn't even download previous versions of IPB.. So my license is worthless unless I renew. WTH!? The point is, why should I have to pay to download IPB? Other forum software are nice about this and let you download the highest version up until when your license expired. This and the $15 to change your site URL make me think that IPB are cash grabbing aholes. I went ahead and paid renewal anyways, I'm going to download IPB and keep the files safe on my dropbox account so I can download them in the future when I need them.
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