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  1. Contact Us

    Greetings - when creating multiple "departments" can they choice be shown under "Contact us"? I would like to make a separate department for "contact us" and another department to submit info for custom listings - can this have a separate unique link? Thank you Ron
  2. Questions before renewing and moving to V4.+

    Thank you Joel, much appreciated Ron
  3. Greetings - I want to renew and use the latest version which looks just awesome from the demo I'm testing out. Couple questions: 1. When posting to the community calendar can the event be re-created in a topic of choice automatically? Example, creating an event for a music show done on the calendar with map, rsvp, and all complete information, can I choose a category to post it to - like "rock" "metal" "rap" instead of re-creating the show information in a separate topic? 2. In the demo I have had a heck of time creating new Categories, what I am referring to is screenshot below. 3. Also, is it possible to drag and drop the order of posts made? There are posts that will need to be shown in order of event date and not sorted in the standard - was hoping for this feature so, for example, there are 10 posts I'd be able to move the bottom one to a different position like fourth or fifth instead of having it in the 10th position. Thank you
  4. Download: Stop Spammer Registration

    Greetings - I am just getting started so please don't mind that my question could be very stupid! Using suite 3.4.5 - what about .htaccess files in root and admin - how does that affect this? Thanks much Ron
  5. Hey thanks mucho you guys! I forgot to look in my client area - lame! Okay, off to get my quote ready and thanks again for takin' the time to point me in the right direction - where were all ya'll on Friday night last? Really coulda used some pointing then! Cheers Ron ps - can't say enough good about IPB excellent customer service - if you're considering getting a package then don't worry, you'll never be alone when you got a recent license - it's like having your own personal tech support dept LOL!
  6. Greetings - I am the very happy owner of a license but need another for a new site - the only problem is I can't find pricing on the website - I do not want a hosted solution, I want a self hosted solution which includes the board and all the modules and the best customer service on the planet! If someone would be so kind as to guide me in the right direction I'd appreciate it. Thanks, Ron
  7. Hi James - I'm also looking at moving to IPB and have not found a better option after uncovering some stuff that I didn't like about vB - if it's not too "out of line", what other platforms are you considering? I've gone through 4 days of research and would be interested if I missed something - thanks much. Ron
  8. Greetings - using the demo and trying to understand how I can get a universal look to forums, shop, blogs - need a fixed background image and to alter opacity of some are background colors - can I do this in the demo and if so, which CSS files please - or other files if that is not how to do it. Also, where can I find the setting to have the popup showing a preview of the post when mouseover on the topic text like in this forum? I've seen existing IPBs that don't have that feature set but I'd like to use it. Thanks much for assistance, certain to have more q's Ron