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  1. JohnDer


    I've noticed something (the titles?) that actually isn't a bug which affects the operation of the application but I think it need a fix.
  2. In my opinion a fair action should be to offer him a theme for free.
  3. JohnDer

    Message on Signup Screen

    Same here, only on mywebsite.com/register/ when I've disable guests to access.
  4. JohnDer

    Center YouTube Embeds

    I have the below code in my custom.css to center and resize embed video: div.ipsEmbeddedVideo { margin:0px auto; } .ipsEmbeddedVideo.ipsEmbeddedVideo_limited > div, .ipsEmbeddedVideo:not(.ipsEmbeddedVideo_limited){ max-width: 700px; padding-bottom: 0; } .ipsEmbeddedVideo.ipsEmbeddedVideo_limited > div:after, .ipsEmbeddedVideo:not(.ipsEmbeddedVideo_limited):after{ content: ''; display: block; padding-bottom: 56.25%; }
  5. JohnDer


    .ipsWidget.ipsWidget_horizontal[data-blockid^="app_videobox"] .ipsWidget_title { margin-bottom: 0px !important; } .ipsWidget.ipsWidget_horizontal .ipsWidget_title { color: #fff; background: {theme="widget_title_bar"}; } Fixed Thanks!
  6. JohnDer


    I noticed something similar on Videobox 1.2.10 With Videobox enabled: With Videobox disabled:
  7. I've adjusted avatar size at 195px that fill my needs on desktop view, on mobile that dimension displayed as a transparent background (?).
  8. 1. Is it possible to change avatar width & height size to 75 - 200 from 75 - 150? 2. Is it possible to add an option to translate all those user information?
  9. JohnDer

    Message on Signup Screen

    Fixed, I had an outdated image in a custom toolbar button. Sorry for the inconvenience. Great plugin!! Works fine
  10. JohnDer

    Message on Signup Screen

    I have tha same issue on
  11. Tip: For any custom profile field that you want to add any clickable URL you can add the below code into display format box as mentioned from @TheJackal84 in post #1 <li class='ipsType_break euip_Border'> <span class='euip_Title'><i class="fa fa-link" aria-hidden="true"></i> {title}: </span> <span class='euip_Content'><a href="{content}" target="_blank">{content}</a></span> </li> <br/> <hr class='euip_Hr'>
  12. It will be in the next release or is something I can do manually?
  13. Bug: If I disable "Show user group?"only, it hides also user ID (Member ID). If I enable "Show user group?" it shows both.
  14. JohnDer

    Topic Thumbnail for IPS4.x

    With the 1.1.15 version can't get the topic content thumbnail, it shows the no image thumbnail and says "Images in topic content: This topic has no images"