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  1. One problem I have run into and is the last step is the Filters. I cannot get it to display....
  2. What I mean is that during Beta your support is limited to other individuals having to provide any answers if they can find a solution, whereas the developers cannot focus attention on the client's issues specific to that beta. They are focusing on the software and as one person also pointed out change is too often occurring during beta stage to provide a proper documentation. One moment something will look one way and the next completely different.
  3. I just set the cache to 60 seconds and created a cron to cache the whole site and seems to be working..
  4. So even when I make changes to the site it does not take the changes... how do you recache themes in IPS 4?
  5. Beta's are not supported works and therefore it isn't recommended use software, therefore release notes are not necessary.
  6. Navigate to the client section of invision power found -> here Select Purchases and click on the license you intend to upgrade. Click on Download IPS Community Suite Select the option for 4.0.0 Beta 8 Upload the contents of the files to your webserver Navigate to http://yourdomain.com/admin/upgrade Follow the instructions Done! Be sure to make a copy of the database and your existing file structure just in case!
  7. ​Whatcha got???? I had an issue with a missing admin template personally....
  8. Did you do a backup already? ​
  9. I am trying to break a copy of the beta 8 to see if I can find anything and seems solid to me! I've been playing with the admin area which was previously a headache but now it's fine. :/
  10. I'm upgrading right now! Looks good so far!
  11. A release candidate (RC) is a beta version with potential to be a final product, which is ready to release unless significant bugs emerge. In this stage of product stabilization, all product features have been designed, coded and tested through one or more beta cycles with no known showstopper-class bug.
  12. The proper format I needed was: {{if ($value == 'pending')}} <span class='ipsBadge ipsBadge_style5 ipsPos_right'>Pending</span> {{elseif ($value == 'fixed')}} <span class='ipsBadge ipsBadge_style4 ipsPos_right'>Fixed</span> {{elseif ($value == 'closed')}} <span class='ipsBadge ipsBadge_style6 ipsPos_right'>Closed</span> {{endif}}
  13. If i used Pending Fixed and Closed should it look like this: {{if ($formValue == 'pending')}} <span class='ipsBadge ipsBadge_style5 ipsPos_right'>{$label}</span> {{elseif ($formValue == 'fixed')}} <span class='ipsBadge ipsBadge_style4 ipsPos_right'>{$label}</span> {{elseif ($formValue == 'closed')}} <span class='ipsBadge ipsBadge_style6 ipsPos_right'>{$label}</span> {{endif}}
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