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  1. iArcade 1.1 Beta2

    May i ask one stupid question? I've just installed iArcade for 3.1.4. But in the iArcade directory configuration, i'm a bit lost. Games Path: should be the folder in my FTP, for example http://www.mywebsite/documents/iArcade, where the games will be stored, right? Web Location: what's the difference with the first one? The problem is that this folder is created but i have an error message saying it doesn't exist or it's not writable. But can't I copy/paste the .tar game file in this folder? Thanks :smile: Megadez
  2. (vQ3) Ajax Random Messages

    Even on facebook or on his website, there is no support for this. Just nobody.
  3. (vQ3) Ajax Random Messages

    Hi, I've just bought it and I have two questions: - how can i change the width of the message box? - how can i add a new css class or change one of them? Thanks
  4. Download: Red Pro 3.1.4

    Hi, I've bought the Alt one, great job. Just a small question, how could i change the dark grey background color please? It should be in ipb_styles.css but i couldn't find it. Thanks