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  1. Hello, sorry, been away a long time, I'm back to tinkering with the IPB now. I'm testing at 3.4, and is functioning normally, JUST TAKE CARE: See if there's not some repeated BBCode tags in your skin has.
  2. They are in my imageshack account, I think it's okay ... but if get off I've backup :thumbsup:
  3. Alert BBCode

    Nice, clean is always better :thumbsup:
  4. weird .... I tested in Firefox 3.6, IE8 and Chrome, with no problems :blink:
  5. Oh Sorry, in Uploadpublicstyle_imagesmaster have infoibe, move it to rte_icons ;)
  6. File Name: (SOS) BBCodes Warning, Success, Information and Error v2 File Submitter: Fellon File Submitted: 26 Jan 2011 File Updated: 28 Jan 2011 File Category: Miscellaneous XML Files BBCodes Warning, Success, Information and Error. Click here to download this file