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  1. (e32) Points Per Cash

    Oh ok, forgot guest access, I'll try right now, thanks for fast support ;) edit : Same with both enabled
  2. (e32) Points Per Cash

    Uninstal + reinstall works but now user dont have his points I'll try something and let you know
  3. Download: ProMenu Basic

    Hello, how to turn this menu on the TOP of page ? (like the first menu @ demosite) thanks :)
  4. [HQ] Badges

    Thanks for your time! Problem fixed :)
  5. [HQ] Badges

    Hello, Just bought it, may you help me for the Cold Space skin please? (http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/360280-download-cold-space/) thanks :)
  6. Download: Cold Space [codegame.net]

    100% Fixed! Thanks for all
  7. Download: Cold Space [codegame.net]

    Thanks! Fixed with version he sent me, awesome support :smile: but now, my shoutbox is broken xD
  8. (e32) Points Per Cash

    Hello, Same problem here, just bought it
  9. (e34) Custom Name Style

    Sure, thanks! Edit : Works, thanks a lot :)
  10. Download: Cold Space [codegame.net]

    Checked, it doesnt not work :(
  11. Download: Cold Space [codegame.net]

    I just disabled everything again, still same problem... (hook + app) Even with reinstalling the template Profiles are also bugged sometime.
  12. iArcade 1.3

    Hello, it looks like all .tar file with a gamedata folder inside cannot be added, I got a blank page, and the game isnt added ipb 3.3
  13. (e34) Custom Name Style

    Ok :smile: Any idea while I got 'Array' instead of username when reading a thread? (talking about who's reading the thread) ipb 3.3
  14. Download: Cold Space [codegame.net]

    I tested it fully clear also, it doesnt not worked The problem appear ONLY when reading a private message
  15. Download: Cold Space [codegame.net]

    No, I dont have it