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  1. IPS Rules Application

    @Kevin Carwile Thank you, the drop down works my other question has to do with the pips system. We've installed it and it works so thank you! My question is, how should I go about allowing demotions based on warns, suspensions and content removal? I'm finding that some of our more irritating posters have all the pips because they have enough posts and likes but, they still annoy people and i'd like their pips to reflect that
  2. IPS Rules Application

    @Kevin Carwile Hi Kevin, We've recently installed rules and my question is. How do I turn off debug mode? I turned it on and it worked but when I disable it and try to save, it does not save Thanks!
  3. The change in the moderator cp panel was a bit of a shock to us. It seemed heavy handed and negative to the point of possibly being counterproductive to encouraging members to abide by our communities code of conduct. So, we waited a while, let people get over the shock of having a warning points link displayed with their posts before we began to try to see if it could be helpful to us. We still find it heavy handed. What we like Members and moderators can see easily past messages from moderation We can require that members look at the 'warning' before further posting What we don't likePoints being visible to members. We would prefer that this be something only mods can see and that the link be titled something more neutral like Mod Message. The loss of the ability to add notes to a member record without it appearing as an empty warning to them. What we wishIntegration between Reports, warnings, and profiles. If a report results in a warning/message from moderation we currently have to manually add a link to the report in the moderation section of the warning. The ability to search/filter warnings/reports by reason, reporter and reported The ability to repeal warnings The ability of members to reply to warnings so that their response appears in the record. As a team, we try to stay on the same page and be consistent with our community. As things are, this is a big challenging. I hope that IP continues to develop the moderation functionality so that it facilitates communication between moderators and provides tools that are useful to communicating with our membership. Perhaps this point system is something that other communities find helpful. But for us, it's visibility to the membership is not helpful. Rather it's insulting and demeaning. So, it actually makes people more angry just by it's nature. Because we can no longer add notes to records without the member knowing, we've had to reinstate the practice of using an admin forum to document issues. We also at times have to use personal messages rather than the warn system and document for other mods on the team what has been said..........so we don't 'over mod' someone. In short, it's created more work for mods as they work to communicate with each other and our membership. As more and more discussion is happening in the comment section of reports.......and this is not searchable by reported or reporter......we now have to 'remember' what report it was or just search record by record in order to refresh our memories on past issues. Overall, the system has some good features but, it still needs quite a bit of love in order to become an asset to community building. Thanks for listening!
  4. That was our first reaction too. Our membership (even the members who never cause any issues) have reacted negatively to this. However, I have found that you cannot hide it because with the new IP board, moderator warnings are no longer delivered via pm. All warnings display in the warn points section and members can no longer reply to the pm asking questions or giving opinion. They are notified via the notification section and email (if you have it configured this way, if you don't they may not be aware that they have received a communication from moderation) So, the choice is either use the warn panel or do not use it at all, in which case you can hide the link........but you will then be without any kind of a log of actions taken by moderation In addition, moderators no longer have the ability to log 'notes'. We used this quite a lot Overall, we find the new warn point system very heavy handed and it has caused an escalation in paranoia among the members and has made moderators jobs more difficult What would have been far more helpful would have been an integration between reports and member notes/warns I really don't know how we are going to make the best of this new system. Feels very heavy handed to both moderators and members
  5. Mobile skin needs some improvement

    It would be very very helpful to me and my mod team if the moderation functionality all worked in mobile. Even when I use the full rather than the mobile skin I can see, but not comment on reported content. Also when I send a warning message via the report center while in my phone........the message is not delivered. I can edit content, which is helpful. I can suspend, also helpful. Also, for some reason, I can mark a report as under review by clicking on the flag but NOT the CURRENT STATUS button inside the report. That is all I know so far. I hope that the ability to comment on a report and send a message to a user via the warn panel is something others feel is important enough to enable.
  6. Agreed. I am also struggling to find a way to track what has been said to whom by whom. I have 7 volunteer moderators so, it's some work to keep them all on the same page My strong preference would be Anytime a personal message is sent via the warn panel, it is recorded and viewable to all mods.