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  1. does look good :thumbsup:
  2. A better spam filter?

    Ronald .............download Stop Spammer Registration here
  3. Website CMS software is like vehicles...... Difficult to find one to suit all needs...you might need a pickup truck to get firewood but then you want a small car for commuting to work and everything inbetween. So comparing WordPress to a forums software is sort of the same...Depends what you want. No question WordPress is successful at what they do...something like 20% of all new websites are using Wordpress. But to build a social community ...or a forums community...WordPress doesn't need to go there, but it does in a half hearted way. Also Wordpress is a free CMS. That's what plugins or addons are for... A friend the other day suggested to me that Facebook has a social sharing plugin for WordPress and must be good because they can afford the best developers in the world... But Facebook's plugin is weak...why?...because other developers make it their business to offer a better product and I'm sure Facebook couldn't really care less about their plugin for WordPress with what they have already. The best website, in the end will be custom coded but for most of us on a limited budget..... We will go the cheaper way...as it is way easier to create a website than just 5 years ago...let alone trying to create a blog 500 years ago! Although I would like IPS to be everything to me...for the couple hundred dollar investment...it's great value. Up to me to make it worth something more...and along the way I enjoy doing it.
  4. As I have searched around looking for tutorial videos about IPS, mainly on Youtube I noticed there is a general lack of good videos on how to set up a website using IPS. Although there are many written tutorials and of course the forums here is a good place to find info, I find my brain works better when I can see it. I also believe that people looking to buy IPS would like to see videos first before they buy, so the return of creating good tutorial videos would come back many times over. Looking on Youtube I see vBulletin has many of their own videos. I know IPS is better than vBulletin but really in this age of Youtube marketing I would think IPS must have thought before that this is a good idea, so I am guessing it's on the back burner somewhere. So if there is a IPS marketing department and they are wondering how to increase sales or get better exposure..........I am thinking :unsure: What are you guys doing? lol More people go to Youtube than any site on the net every minute of the each day. It's a no brainer and can only help the IPS community and your sales.....unless you have enough sales ....... then forget my suggestion! :tongue:
  5. I put a support ticket on Sunday and was answered and issue fixed on Monday... Considering this was Easter weekend..I wasn't expecting anyone to fix until Tuesday...( I'm in SE Asia at the moment so my Sunday is USA's Saturday) I have licenses with other software and their support doesn't work weekends or holidays.. I am really satisfied with support here .... maybe the best I have seen from the many software package plans I have.
  6. Best forum support ever!

    Thxs to support they installed IP Gallery on my website within 24 hours I put my support ticket in... and on Easter weekend.. All I can is "Wow" oh ...and Thanks alot!
  7. Does this addon work with current IPS version? I too am looking for a better image upload ....sort of got spoiled working with WordPress :lol:
  8. Invision Going Downhill

    My problem with IPS Support ..and I can say quite honestly...after wanting to update my software to current release ...and was reading that would take I think 5 days maybe.... I put my Ticket in....and planning a holiday to Laos for a week...and it would be ready for me when I got back....was.. Within 2 hours I was updated and they did more than I asked for... What Gives.. I wasn't ready yet :unsure: :hyper:
  9. I was about to pay

    actually I did 5 days ago and got this answer > "I am not sure why the price is different but just accept the further discounted rate as a gift ;) " so wasn't sure if I give them the gift or what my gift was :blink: I'm not worried, but seems strange after a couple contacts and them saying bug is fixed,it is still not clear to me...but I like the software and it's only $20 :yes:
  10. I was about to pay

    I am curious why my account is still showing invoice paid for $351.95 when I was quoted : > "If you wanted to purchase the standard license, IP.Blog, IP.Gallery, IP.Content, IP.Downloads, IP.Nexus the price would be $329.96 " In fact, I can't even find the receipt from my credit card to my email. :ermm:
  11. IP Board vs. vBulletin

    I am just a recent customer and although I originally was considering vbulletin,I'm glad I did my research and chose IPB. I have a social networking site with phpfox and can say it's a nightmare dealing with the software,paying for upgrades,lack of good mods and sporadic help and assistance in forums. This is great software and although I expect some problems,this is a breath of fresh air. Grass is always greener on the other side of the hill,I'm happy I came here, I like this side of the hill. :thumbsup: