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  1. When this feature is enabled the topic titles are changed automatically regardless of whether they are actually all uppercase or not. I searched the tracker for this, it was reported as a bug back in January 2009 and the answer given was that it's working as intended. If that is so then I humbly suggest that the intent was wrong and that it should be changed. My board is in French and in our language we don't capitalize every word, the behavior of this feature forces me to choose between letting my members shout in titles or have every topic title in my forum spelled wrong. I'm not asking that the system becomes language aware and changes topic titles to be spelled properly based on the forum/member language. I just wish that this feature would only change the when they're are actually all capitalized. I think it's acceptable that "CECI EST MON SUJET" becomes "Ceci Est Mon Sujet" although it's still not correct in french. I do however think that if someone writes "Ceci est mon sujet", which is the correct spelling, it shoulnd't be turned into "Ceci Est Mon Sujet". Eric
  2. Oooops !!!!!!!!!!!!! Double Ooooooops !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin: Thanks, I missed both.
  3. I'm posting this here because there's no "General" forum in the feedback section but it's not only about the board. My licenses will be due for renewal in a week and I just spend (wasted ??) almost 10 minutes on the main web page checking out every single product to find out what's the renew price ? It's a bit frustrating having to search for that information on top of paying ;) I remember having the same frustration when I bought because I had to search every single product to get the prices before decided what I was gonna buy. Why don't you have a simple and easy to consult price list with purchase and renewal prices for all your products ?
  4. Sorry if this has been suggested already, I searched but couldn't find it. View new content is much better than in 3.1 but one little annoying thing is that we click to click on each of the sidebar links (members, Gallery, Downloads, etc) to check if there's new content in them. Obviously, most of the time there is nothing new. I'd like to see an icon besides the link when there's something new so I could know at glance what sections of my board I need to look at and stop wasting time clicking on 5 links just to get 5 empty pages.
  5. People sometimes want to re-read the last post(s) of a topic or after having read it earlier they come back to the forum and want to post a reply. View new content gives us a quick way of seeing the topics that had activity recently, it's quicker than going though the forum. The problem with this new behavior is that from the new content page we have no way of going straight to the last post of a topic. If there's no unread posts, the start/circle is disabled and the only link is the topic title. Suggestion: Change the behavior of the star/circle for it to go to the first unread post if there's any or straight to the last post of the topic if there's no unread ones.
  6. I can't vote yes because it's not something I want but then I can't vote no because it's not something I don't want either. I can see in the forums that some people have an opinion on this and some are very strong about it but I'm guessing that most people, just like me, don't really care one way or the other. In order to be fair to Invision I believe the poll should have a "Either is good with me" option.
  7. I think I'll spend the rest of my day refreshing this thread every 2 minutes.................it's gonna be fun.
  8. That's gonna be the case for any new software. Betas are great but the number of people using it is minimal compared to release version and it would be impossible to get all the bugs out. SMF has tried to do that with 2.0, no wonder it took them 7 years to come out with their first release..........and they lost me in the process because I was tired of using 6 years old technologies As Matt said, 3.1.4 is still fully supported by Invision, there's no need for you to upgrade if you feel 3.2.0 is not ready.
  9. EricGagne

    Member Map

    When I was using SMF I built a similar app for my forum. I have discarded it when I moved to SMF so I'm glad that there's on available in the market place. There's just one little thing I miss from my old app. I used the G_PHYSICAL_MAP for map type to have it displayed by default in "terrain" mode. You can see it here (without any markers though). My forum is about overlanding and we like topo maps :) I can look at your code/skin and find out where to change it but it would really save me some work if someone could tell me where to do it.
  10. Thanks for the link, I didn't know about this. I'll try it out.
  11. Hi, The toolbox is nice to run sql commands against the database without having to use phpmyadmin but it would really be great if we had the possibility to save our SQL commands with a name and description in a warehouse from which we can easily run them again.
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