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  1. So I performed the upgrade, did not get any errors but this is what my forum looks like now. How do I fix that ? AdminCP looks the same and I can't find the recache options Scrolling down the page I see this error, maybe it's related ? Though I wish it would tell me what went wrong and not just that something did. A configuration or server error has occurred EX145 Something went wrong. Please try again.
  2. We are going to use it for testing, training and developping but it has its own paid license so there is no reason it should not be considered a live site.
  3. ​ Hi Stuart, Yes it is a live site, I will go ahead an submit a ticket. Thank you.
  4. I should have posted more détails...............on wait.... I did but lost my post with the access denied message So here's everything. We have a hosted community which we plan on keeping for now but we bought a full suite license to setup a test/training/development site which is what I am trying to setup now. Step 1. Since we don't have cPanel/phpMyAdmin on hosted communities, I had to export the database to a SQL file using IPB's sql backup tool. Step 2. In my server, I created a utf8mb4 database (because we had our hosted community converted to utf8). Step 3. I ran the SQL file generated by IPB's backup tool to import tables and data. Step 4. I uploaded all the 3.4.7 files to my server. Step 5. I edited the constants.php and conf_global.php files to reflect the new environment (dbname, dbuser, etc). Step 6. I logged in the ACP, removed "French" language and all custom themes. Step 7. Changed all necessary settings in ACP (License key, paths, etc) Step 8. Rebuilt all cache. Step 9. Uploaded RC5 files to the same directory where I installed 3.4.7. Step 10. Opened http://mysite.com/admin/upgrade in my browser and followed the steps. We don't have any third party app or hooks in our forum so I'm sure that is not the issue. I am puzzled with the core_members table errors. I don't have that table in my live community, where is it supposed to come from ? And what about this members.frm file that is missing ? Is it supposed to be part of the RC5 zip file ?
  5. I did not follow this guide. I just relied on this post from Stuart.
  6. Hmm, just wrote a reply and got a "Access denied" error
  7. I am trying to upgrade a 3.4.7 installation to RC5 but I am getting errors. I uploaded the RC5 files over the 3.4.x and opened /admin/upgrade in my browser. First got a few errors because some directories were not writable but once I fixed that everyting seemed to check out ok. But no long long after the upgrade process started I got this. Can't find file: './test/members.frm' (errno: 2 - No such file or directory) /var/www/html/forum/applications/core/setup/upg_40000/upgrade.php::43I clicked continue and then got Table 'test.core_members' doesn't exist /var/www/html/forum/system/Db/Select.php::375 SELECT member_id FROM `core_members` WHERE member_id=? Clicked continue again and then Data too long for column 'lang_key' at row 1 /var/www/html/forum/applications/core/setup/upg_40000/upgrade.php::2344 INSERT INTO `core_moderator_logs` ( `member_id`, `ctime`, `note`, `ip_address`, `appcomponent`, `module`, `controller`, `do`, `lang_key`, `class`, `item_id` ) VALUES ( ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? ) Clicked continue one more time and then started getting the core_members table error repeatedly so I just gave up.
  8. ​Sorry Charles but you're totally wrong on this. It does actually makes sense
  9. ​Charles, May I suggest that while evaluating you also consider adding an option in the advanced search for "all words" ?
  10. 3.4.x only allows to control ads visibility by group but we have a situation where it would be best for us to show ads to everyone but only in some categories and forums. Is this possible in 4.0 ?
  11. ​Is this a confirmation that you are going to do it ?
  12. Here's another real life example. I am trying to find topics on how to use my own css in IP.Content blocks. I searched for "content css block" (without the quotes). I cannot specify titles only nor can I say I only want results that contain all the words. How many posts do we have in this board that contain either of these words and yet have absolutely nothing to do with what I am looking for ?. The 4th result is a topic titled "SQL Error upgrading from 3.2.3 to 3.3". That does not remotely relate to my search. I would much rather search on titles and be told nothing relevant was found than have to filter nearly 3000 results to see if maybe one of them gives me something. Sriously, I don't mean to be rude but ever since this board was moved to IPB 4 the search has been useless to me. It gives so many unrelated results, it's faster (not to be confused with "fast") to just go to the specific forum, like IP.Content in this case, and browse through pages and page and pages of topic titles until I find one that seems to be talking about what I need.
  13. Here's three things I would absolutely love in IPB and I think many on my community would also use it. 1. An "Hide from new content" option on topics. Very often there's topics I would prefer not to see in the New Content because they are of less importance to me and I'd rather just read them later by going through the forum index than seeing them on New Content many times a day. 2. A "Mark Priority" option on forums and topics which would make them appear at the top of the New Content page and be identifed as priority with some icon. 3. A "Invite people" feature on topics. This would allow the "Invited" people to participate in a discussion when it's in a forum they don't see or in which they only have read-only access. I'm not entirely sure how permissions would work on this but what I am thinking for now is two settings in the "Edit forum" page: Groups that can be invited. Members of these groups can be invited to topics in this forum.Groups allowed to invite. Members of these groups are allowed to invite people to topics in this forum.Here's why we would love these features. We currently have 133 forums in our community and many permissions groups depending on one's position in the organization (Administrator, Executive, club representative, club member, etc). We plan on opening up the community to the public now and we will easily end up with 150 to 175 forums and an average of over 300 new messages each day. Our executives have access to everything because they need to feel the pulse of our community but they can only spend so much time a day on the forum and they need to be able to filter out the discussions that don't specifically require them to read every new post. This is where suggestions 1 and 2 would be an invaluable tool for them, making their lives so much easier by giving them tools to prioritize new content. I don't think suggestion #3 requires any explanation.
  14. Charles, You said in another topic that the search results are prioritized to show titles results before content so I can appreciate why you don't see a need for search by titles only. But what about performance ? Wouldn't a search be much faster and less resource intensive on a large community database if it was not uselessly searching content only to show results that the user is not interested in ?
  15. Sometimes I'm on the other side too but I think if we feel free to give thumbs down when we're not happy then the least we can do is give thumbs up when we are.
  16. I have been a software developer for nearly 30 years now. I work on business applications and ERP Systems. So though I don't know much about html, css, javascript and all that stuff, I think I have a fair idea of the amount of work and pressure it must be for them to "test live" and debug a beta version in their very own support forum while still providing the same quality of service to all of us customers. I have submitted 8 support tickets in the last 3 weeks or so and they were all dealt with as quickly and efficiently as always. So Invision's staff, kudos to all of you !!
  17. We are on a hosted community, do I have to patch this myself or is it done automatically ? I am a bit confused because the files in the patch are clear php but the ones on the server appear to be zend files.
  18. Beutiful. I like that, much more friendly. Thx IN10TION
  19. We are currently using IPB 3.4.7 and the latest Nexus and we are getting lots of feedback from people complaining that it's too complicated to complete a purchase with a coupon in our store. Apparently they are having difficulty finding how to enter their code. Honestly, I can easily believe this but I always felt it's not very user friendly. I don't think people should have look for a place to click to say they have a coupon before entering it. The textbox for the code should always be displayed on screen just above the total amount so people would know right away where to enter their coupon code. Will this be changed in the new version or is it going to work the same way. Will we have access to some templates to modify the appearance of the pages in our store ?
  20. Thanks Andrej, I had not seen this. And I don't know why Invision decided to do this but I think forum admins will get lots of questions and complains from members about it. I know I'm rude but it's a stupid change.
  21. Can someone give us an answer on this ? I use search a lot on forums, particularly on support forums like this one and I find this very annoying. Should I report this as a bug or is it the way it's intented to be in 4.x ?
  22. In IPB 3.4, what to search follows where the user is in the site. Example. Board Index: Search option defaults to "Forums". In a forum: Search option defaults to "This forum" In a topic: defaults to "This topic". Same is true if you go to ther apps like Downloads or Members. In 4.0 however, no matter where we are, the search always defaults to "Everything". Is this intended behavior ? It is most annoying to have to change it almost everything we search on something.
  23. There are cases when upgrades in a group of products are offered only for certain products within the group and the upgrade price does not always equals the price difference between the 2 products. Example: Package A: 35$ Package B: 50$ Package C: 75$ Package D: 100$ Say I only want to offer the following upgrade options at the specified prices. A -> B : $20 A -> C : $45 B -> C : $30 B -> D : $55 C -> D : $30 I was thinking of something like the renewals where we can add different renewal options except now it would be multiple upgrade options. For each one, we would select a package that can be upgraded from and enter the upgrade price.
  24. We sell memberships that expire on december 31 of the year they are purchased. IP.Nexus subscriptions currently can only be created for a time period, not with a set expiration date. I think the following options should be added to subscriptions. Set Date (mm-dd-yyyy): The subscription would expire on this date unless renewed by the subscriber. Recurrent Date (mm-dd): The subscription would expire on this date each year. This would prevent us from having to edit the subscription each year. Pro Rating: Though we don't currently do it, ideally there would be an option to prorate the price of the subscription with the possibility to prorate only if the customer buys for an extra year. Examples on a $120 annual subscription bought today. Not Prorated: I pay $120 Pro Ration Waved: I pay $60 but only if I buy my 2015 renewal at the same time Pro-Rated Always: I pay $60 no matter what.
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