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  1. New Logo on This Commmunity

    Is there any guide somewhere for noobs ? :q
  2. Shirley we'll have a release soon?

    Feature plan was released and clrearly stated that will be the development after the official release so dont wait for them
  3. RC5?

    Of bugs, that is
  4. RC4 today?

    3 Days ago they were far less than that
  5. RC4 today?

    Bugs keep coming in, two days ago i would say soon but now we should better wait
  6. Designer and IPS4

    That would be really nice, i am tired of seeing the same stuff all the time, especially on the 3.X versions, all the designs were pretty much one of the same
  7. Hello, are there any plans on "retinizing" the suite? I just received my new Macbook Pro Retina and was wondering!
  8. Classifieds

    I dont mind that, i just want to get rid of the tab being displayed under the more tab!
  9. Classifieds

    Its listed under 3rd party applications so you cant move it up And gettin a wider screen is not a solution :P
  10. IPB twitterer

    Milad when will it be updated to 3.2?
  11. Classifieds

    How can i move the tab for classifieds from "More-> Classifieds" to the navbar like all the other tabs? (Forums,Downloads,Blogs,Calendar etc.)
  12. Problem Buying the Suite

    Ok just did :)
  13. There is an issue with the purchase forms in you website! I am logged in, i choose the whole suite (IP Board, Content, Downloads, Blogs, Galley, Nexus) which with discounts comes to $329, i hit checkout and i am givven all the products except ipboard for $239 and nothin i can do to add one more (ip board) In the broswer adress i add manually product no2 which is ip board i assume, it comes up but with now discounts i guess so the total is around $360 i think! Just put an option so that in customers account we have the option to add packages and not start everytime from the scratch hitting New Purchase :)