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  1. Hosted Communities Update

    Awsome. :D
  2. Mines been fine, you should do daily backups though.
  3. Portal

    Wooops :laugh:
  4. Hosted Services

    Click on your profile > Click "Edit my profile" > Find "Display name"
  5. Hosted Services

    Custom Skins work as normal on hosted Packages. :)
  6. It dosn't get higher. Your site will be suspeneded and you'll have the $5 bill in your client area as soon as you pay it's back online. :smile:
  7. Needs a web designer asap.

  8. Went with Godaddy hosting, slow speeds, crap customer service... Moved to hostgator, fast speeds, great customer support!
  9. Ok so I have a good idea and I'm just on the hunt for some sort of comment/story submission type software which has a like and dislike functions... does that make sense haha. Here's some examples of what I'm talking about: http://textsfromlastnight http://truelad.com Thanks.
  10. Needs a Skinner that can work with IP.Content !

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    2. Marcher Technologies

      Marcher Technologies

      There Quite Honestly aren't enough of us to go around... I've been swamped.

    3. AlexJ


      Indeed... IP.Content is hard to use.. I have 3 license of it but using only 1.. rest 2 are sitting on dust or for testing :) There is way less or no support for it from community and staff don't reply much in IP.Content help...

    4. Aisha
  11. Is there anyway to protect your forums skin design?

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    2. Ichirō


      If its gonna get ripped , then its gonna get ripped

    3. .time
    4. Ichirō


      dmca only works to an extent. I could take your skin and edit it to suit myself so that its not actaully your skin anymore...= nothing you can do!