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  1. I can confirm this now works, thanks a lot.. :-)
  2. I get this as well. Upgraded, uninstalled and installed Classifieds, problem persists
  3. The text bits 'Sort by' and 'All advert types' in the green header bar are not in the language files - where can I translate them? GREAT UPDATE!! This is a really nice piece of work! :-)
  4. The error disappears when i disable Classifieds Mobile Menu Link v1.0.0
  5. Seems to work fine, but it breaks my mobile skin, I get this error; Fatal error: Call to undefined method skin_classifieds_2::launcher_link() in /var/www/vildmedgolf.dk/public_html/hooks/cfdsLauncherLink_a610882b96913a1ae0b52b9e14c96a4c.php on line 16 http://www.vildmedgolf.dk/
  6. GREAT!!! :-) Been missing Classifieds a lot since i upgraded to 3.2...
  7. :-) Looking forward to it ...
  8. waiting too.. keep up the good work, much appreciated!!!
  9. The count of invites per member should only be number of ACCEPTED invites. Now the number of invites for the top X referrers are counted as invites sent - but only accepted (and with X number of posts) should be counted...
  10. Oh, man - now it does show them correctly. Don't know what happened, I did restart the browser, must be cache related(?)
  11. After the upgrade to 1.04 the member map shows no markers in IE9.0.8112 (Danish). It still shows the correct number of markers at the bottom. Turning on compability mode shows the markers. This did not happen with 1.03 http://www.vildmedgolf.dk/index.php?/membermap/
  12. thanks a lot, obvious, sorry i didn't see it :-)
  13. Where do I translate 'Member Map' as shown in the menu and title? Can't find it ....
  14. Keep up the good work, will buy when 1. have you added the feature of adding multiple emails in a form to send out a mass invite? is possible! ;-) i have planned to send out invitations to golf clubs (golf community), and if each club gets XX people referred (and they make posts) i will give them some free advertising space for a time period. Will only be possible when invite is easy as possible.. :-) regards claus
  15. When this is possible i'm buying it too :-)
  16. Invisionpower support found the solution, had nothing to do with Resize Uploaded Images changed memory allocation from 64 to 128mb in conf_global.php
  17. OK reset everything and switched Resize Upload Images off - still getting the 500 error Can anyone point me in the right direction, i am lost here...
  18. I keep getting an 'File skipped: error 500' when trying to upload a 3,6MB image with the flash loader I did alter the "0" setting ind the uploads file. What settings should be set on user group and forum upload limits ? I want to crop images to max 1280px
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