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  1. OK, I uploaded new version But I still dont know how to adjust the setting to bypass mod queue? If i make a new offer it still need to be approved by admin? Have you considered making a frontpage hook like classifieds? :-)
  2. I can't find where to adjust, if new offers should be approved before displaying publicly? Right now I have to approve all offers, I would like them to display without approval. Maybe I'm blind ;-) And also, I would like to thank you for starting this project - so far I am very happy with what I am seeing, and when the above small issues are sorted out, I think we have a more solid product than Classifieds ;-)
  3. Thanks :-) In idea could be, just to make it possible to have an 'contact seller directly via PM' button and hide the 'Buy' button
  4. Another question; I want to use this as classifieds, and the users have to agree on payment without involving me. In other words, I dont want Nexus to handle payment, that should be agreed between users. Cant turn Nexus off as I use it on other parts of my site..
  5. OK, couldnt wait and bought Sales Portal Pro I used the convert tool to try and import from classifieds. The categories and items do import, but i see no images - not a big problem just wanted to try it out, so i wanted to delete the categories again. But i cant. When i try to EMPTY an imported category i get Fatal error: Call to undefined method sdsales_categories::rebuildIdeainfo() in /home/vildmed1/public_html/admin/applications_addon/other/sdsalespro/modules_admin/categories/categories.php on line 687 When i try to DELETE an imported (at least some of them) category i get Buy only get the error the FIRST TIME i try to delete the category which has items in it. I I try once more, the category is deleted - but it says (0 items deleted) ?? Please help :-)
  6. Hi, I am ready to buy - are the above errors fixed yet??
  7. Anyone have a suggestion for me how to get my problem solved ? - website down almost 20 hours now :-(
  8. My host upgraded to SQL 5.5, afterwards I was getting SQL driver errors about mixed charsets although everything was set to UTF-8. Ran the converter, now when i start the web converter i'm getting: Error: Division by zero File: /modules/browser/browser.php Line: 117
  9. thanks, got it. can't find my way round the left menu, its confusing for me? 1. can i just have category 1 category 2 category 3...etc ? 2. what is variable price?
  10. tried to submit an account on your demo site because i am very interested in switching from classifieds - but i dont recieve an email so can't try the demo...
  11. Does anyone know if this should be compatible with Haze 3.4.6 skin? Can't get it to work and the author of the skin tells me it should?
  12. Opdateret med mindre forbedringer og rettelser. Arbejder på oversættelser af videos system og Sales portal pro
  13. Yes I know, sorry for posting incorrectly Still having issues with 'Forum Icons', and need to remove the annoying 'More' menu button..
  14. Skin does not work with - forum icons 2.01 - global forum message just fyi :-)
  15. Do you know if this will work with tomchristian's HAZE skin ??
  16. No, gonna have more than one :-) I have Promenu, but when I use that, the navigation don't show in the footer... So if you can help me kill the 'more' menu it will be perfect :-)
  17. Can't get rid of the MORE menu - even if I have only ONE item in the menu it's still under 'MORE'
  18. Using Classifieds now, the minute you add an Auction feature i'll buy your app and switch :-)
  19. Hi, looks interesting - is it possible for users to have an auction for an item and the highest bidder at a set time wins the product?
  20. I can't seem to translate the phrases Views Read More Read more of (popup) comments (popup) The translation of 'Featured' works, but not 'Read more', and I am missing translation of the popups/mouseover texts :-) http://www.vildmedgolf.dk/page/index.html
  21. Is it possible to display this on the forum index page (hook) ?
  22. Opdateret version til 3.4.4 uploadet. Den nye version har ikke længere én stor sprogpakke fil, men hver enkelt app for sig i selvstændige filer. Jeg har lavet det på denne måde da flere servere havde problemer med timeout på den samlede sprogpakke. Det har så den yderligere fordel at du også kan nøjes med at importere de enkelte dele af sprogpakken som du selv skal bruge. Collections System er væk fra pakken, da den indeholder golf-relaterede udtryk der passer i mit eget forum, men jeg sender den gerne gratis til dig hvis du i forvejen har købt DK Sprogpakke, du skal så selv ændre de steder hvor der står 'golfklubber' og 'golfbaner' til dét som DU bruger collections system til :-)
  23. How are they recognized, by e-mail or Account name?
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