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  1. ProMenu Basic

    hi. i just installed this. and i dont wanna look through 200 posts so u might have answered this already lol but is there any way to make the custom menus look like legit? i installed it when we upgraded and havent had much time to really play around with it to find out. was kinda hoping someone might have a quick/easy way to do it what i mean is. look at the Wiki Menu and the More Menu. i want the wiki menu just like hte more menu print screen:
  2. Download: Shoutbox

    ahhh yes! please. sent you a PM
  3. Download: Shoutbox

    all we did was change the color code of the instructions. i even recached my computer, rebuilt the skin, and recached the skin.
  4. Download: Shoutbox

    yeah sorry, i had looked for hat post u talked about but not easy going through 100+ pages quickly and we tried that it didnt fix it :/ it looks normal on some pages just not the index and others.
  5. Download: Shoutbox

    on the pages from my profile, it looks better. but on all the other pages its like ^^
  6. Download: Shoutbox

    print screen
  7. Download: Shoutbox

    how do i fix the look of hte shoutbox? when i use it on the default IPB skin. it looks fine/normal when i use my other skins, the icon next to the title (to make the popup) doesnt work and all the lines between shouts and borders are real bright like. it doesnt flow right.. tried rebuilding & reacheing. nada
  8. ProMenu Basic

    just installed and while trying to set it up. in the preview i got this..
  9. Betting

    4 groups (4 teams in each group) - its a point advancement bracket type of system there an image with the tournament schedule and how its set up. so no its actually pretty unique to the sport
  10. Betting

    just added MLS and National Futbol teams for our forum. and noticed there isnt a Bracket - any chance of adding that along with the *ahem* red number *ahem* in the next update? :D p.s. they tell me there is a tournament starting june 8th and said it would be nice to have it for that
  11. Download: Shoutbox

    alright i tried a bunch of different things and i couldnt get it to work correctly so i figured id ask you i was trying to add a youtube video playlist in the shoutbox announcement now i can add a youtube video in media tags and it will work. but when the video ends. it ends. if its a playlist it doesnt continue. how would i do this if its possible?
  12. Betting

    i may be like a broken record with this one too.. but that Red number thingy next to betting to show how many 'new' like the chat with uses. yeah that thing would increase usage tenfold
  13. Betting

    true, but most of these seem to be technical error rather then user error.
  14. Betting

    i dont remember if this was brought up or not but i dont wanna look lol. there should be a way that the betting "moderators" (the groups selected in the settings) could edit bet amounts and/or delete them. we had a bunch of random oops where people bet '0' points. so i added the ability to bet twice. and lol some people still screw up. even twice.
  15. Featured Content for IPS 3.4.x

    okay. i dont personally use the featured content app often, its more for my mods to do. so im not 100% sure if what im suggesting doesnt already exist.. but anyways.. any way in the next update. lets say i have it limited to 5 contents per page. and 5 pages. so i can have 25 featured contents. any way that when u would add another one. automatically the oldest one would get removed. and the new one would get added at the beginning?