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  1. Easy Pages

    Okay, the rebuild worked, thanks very much for the quick reply, much appreciated :smile:
  2. Easy Pages

    Is there a way to change: www.example.com/pages/mypageto www.example.com/whatever/mypageI have changed some things in the furlTemplates.php but I cannot get it to work.. :tongue:
  3. [HQ] Custom Pages

    I was wondering if it's possible to change the permalink "pages" into something else? So I can browse to www.mydomain.com/whatever/test instead of www.mydomain.com/pages/test
  4. Quiz System

    Thank you, worked like a charm, I should've figured that out on my own before crying here for help again :P
  5. Quiz System

    Thanks, I will do so :) So far I am loving this. But since I am going to give people rewards for completing quizzes, I need to make sure that the questions are NOT visible before starting the quiz. So when the timer starts to run, that's where I want people to see the questions. Is this possible or have I overlooked something?
  6. Quiz System

    Hello, Just purchased, downloaded and installed this mod. Works great on my default IP.Board skin, but not on my custom skin (Animate from IPBSkins). This is the error I'm getting: Fatal error: Call to a member function allCategories() on a non-object in /home/touchofd/public_html/admin/applications_addon/other/quiz/modules_public/categories/categories.php on line 116 I made a test category but still the same issue. Any advice? EDIT: Not sure what happened, but now it is working. Probably I did not add a quiz yet and that caused it?
  7. Portal

    Works great, this is very much appreciated!
  8. Portal

    Thanks, that is the code I've been trying to use, tried to use this bit: But couldn't get it to work unfortunately, I ended up messing up the whole portal while messing with this. My CSS skills are not that great yet. So yeah if you or someone could show me the way to go, I'd appreciate it very much. I only need the right blocks width to be a bit bigger than they are now (they are set to large).
  9. Portal

    I've looked through the whole topic but couldn't find this, and the stuff that I did find, didn't work for me, it only messed some stuff up. Just only one simple thing needed, which is the width of the left and right blocks. I need it to be just a little bit bigger. It's set to Large right now, but Larger makes it too big. Any advice on how to make them just slighty bigger? Thanks in advance!
  10. (M34) Videos System

    We're moving host, so I decided to make a fresh install and test it out, and it works. So no need to fix the "old" one, right now it's fully working, thank you!!
  11. (M34) Videos System

    Thanks for your reply. I checked the youtube tags and they are all there, I even checked if I tweaked them in the past, but I haven't, so they are the defaults. In topics and posts I simply paste a youtube link and it will show me the video once I publish the post.
  12. (M34) Videos System

    Hey, Check out the attached image. I have just purchased and installed the videos system, but when trying to add a video, it does not show it, it only shows the media tag and a link. I've tried everything, re-uploading, re-installing, re-caching, re-building, re-posting, but nothing seems to fix this issue. I have also tried to check all the bug reports, but I couldn't seem to find this issue. So probably it's something on my side that I am doing wrong, but what? Thanks in advance :smile:
  13. Top X Stats

    Hi, I have two questions. First, can I display it at the bottom of my index page rather than at the top? And also, is it possible to remove the "Top Forums" from the list, so I only display "Newest Users", "Top Posters" and "Recent Posts"? Thanks in advance :)
  14. Download: Shoutbox

    Thanks for your help. I re-cached and rebuild everything, still no effect. Then I re-installed my skin and now it is working. Sorry for taking your tome and thanks again for your help.
  15. Download: Shoutbox

    Yeah I did that multiple times, no effect.