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  1. Download: SummerStyle 3.2 [Discount!] 9$

    We need an update of this skin soon or we will be looking for another elsewhere. We cannot keep putting off updating our forum board while we wait for a skin.
  2. Contact Form

    I solved my problem. Everything is fine. Thanks.
  3. Download: SummerStyle 3.2 [Discount!] 9$

    Thank-you for the help. I did notice that the second line of code - <if test="showSubForums:|:$forum_data['show_subforums'] AND count( $forum_data['subforums'] ) AND $forum_data['show_subforums']">[/code] was already in that template - however, it was above the first line of code [CODE]<p class='desc __forum_desc ipsType_small'>{$forum_data['description']}</p> . When I deleted it from above and copy/pasted the second line of code beneath the first line - everything worked perfectly. Thank you again.
  4. Download: SummerStyle 3.2 [Discount!] 9$

    Hello, Don't know if is it the theme, the IPB, or some setting that I am missing - but I cannot get the forum descriptions to show up. Can you enlighten me and hopefully help me to get them to work?
  5. It's the Final Countdown

    Unfortunately that did not work. Must I change the name of the file permissions.xml.ychat to permissions.xml???? Really looking forward to using this - need to sort this out.
  6. It's the Final Countdown

    Installed as directed, set permissions for use and I cannot access settings. All I get is the following error. System Error [#1004] You do not have permission to access this page. I DO have permission. Now what?