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  1. Easy Pages

    Oh ya, one more. How can I make page as the homepage? Something like http://domain.com/pages/home into http://domain.com Any idea? Thanks.
  2. Easy Pages

    Yes,when I disable BBCode setting, it's working! Thank you! Nice mod ever. :wub:
  3. Easy Pages

    Hello, any idea how can I embed flash player on this mod? I try to embed but not working. Thank you for advance.
  4. Download: Fenix Cyan IPB Skin

    Yes, it's working! Thank you. :huggles: Hem, another question, how to change the width of skin? I tried to change at ipb_styles.css, but not working.
  5. Download: Fenix Cyan IPB Skin

    Yes exactly! Mind to teach me how to do that? :ahappy: Thank you.
  6. Download: Fenix Cyan IPB Skin

    Hello, first of all thanks for making the cyan color skin based of your previous skin. :smile: I wonder how to center my header logo? I have a bit big header, so when I tried to center it, search bar and admin CP are messed. Can guide me how to fix it? My forum link. Thank you.
  7. Download: Shoutbox

    After upgrade to 1.2.7, no response when click any buttons on shoutbox. Any idea?
  8. Download: Fenix IPB Skin

    Just visit the forum link at your siggy, oh well, awesomeness!! :drool: By the way, I PM you already. Thank you. :smile:
  9. Download: Fenix IPB Skin

    Seriously, I like this skin. Even this theme is paid version, sure I'll buy for my forum. :ahappy: Can I request for custom color? :grin:
  10. Convert from xF 1.1

    Yes, of course. I had no problem to convert my forum from Xenforo 1.1.1. :smile:
  11. [EN32] Traffic Generator

    Thank you! Because of this hook, my forum got around 15 new registered members everyday. :laugh: But yeah, there's a bug that guests also appeared in secret forum, so that it's not looks so real.
  12. IPS Converters (IP.Board 3.4.x)