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  1. Going to go ahead and assume this is dead at this point. I've held back my forum upgrade for way too long just for this plugin and the time has come I think to just give up and move on. Such a shame as was a brilliant system and helped us massively during the time we used it. Thanks anyway.
  2. Hey, I'm not asking for an ETA but I was wondering if we can expect an update at some point as it's been a little quiet for a while. If I know it's still in the works then I'm happy to wait a while longer.
  3. That's no problem, thanks for letting us know man. Looking forward to the new update when it arrives and thanks for the great work so far.
  4. I can't find the option to resynchronize in the Recount & Rebuild Manager on 3.4.7, anyone else have the same issue?
  5. Not sure what I'm doing wrong but when I try to use this i get an error that the table doesn't exist. I even tried the example you had in the screenshots and get this error: edit. seems like I wasn't using the full table name as I should have been, I knew it had to be simple.
  6. I'm experiencing issues too. At 1st glance it seems that the problem is only related to users with Steam integration. The users who have the Steam name added through their profile work fine, the ones who were working with integration either the Steam info card doesn't appear on their profiles or their posts don't show up at all.
  7. Quick question which I hope has been addressed before but I'm unable to find it. When our users set a background or colour from the colour-picker it seems to get reset upon their next visit to out site, is there a fix or something I could be doing wrong?
  8. Plugin is working great so far so thanks for the great work, although I have had a few users request that they be able to pay via card and other methods. Is there any news on additions gateways or is that still on worked on for the next release?
  9. Great work Aiwa, works brilliantly now!
  10. Hey Aiwa, looking forward to getting this up and running. If you would like me to test the updated file I would be happy to give it a test run.
  11. Thanks for that, setting Donation Statistics to "Time of purchase" instead of "Latest rates" and then rebuilding the cache seemed to fix the issue I was having.
  12. We currently have 45 users with the Steam integration.
  13. I've spoken to them and unfortunately there's no way they say they can increase the timeouts. Is there a way to run the task in batches?
  14. No worries about the late reply bud, I just appreciate you taking the time to help me get this sorted. Hope you feeling better. Is there a value I could get them to change it to that would be more suitable? We have 2200+ members on the site but I doubt we have many at all that actually have the steam integration ..... maybe 50-100 at most as it's a fairly recent addition. Also I was just checking through error logs for SQL in IPB and found an error that references "kc_steam". The error is:
  15. For some reason when users donate it isn't updating the total goals, it is only showing and going towards the current goal. I've messed around with all of the options I can think of but no luck, anything simple I can try to resolve this? I'm pretty sure it's simply error on my part.
  16. Thanks for the reply Andy max_execution_time has a local value of 0 and a master value of 30, I'm guessing the master value is the one that's significant Should I change something to increase that value?
  17. Ok so the only thing I seem to get now when running the task manually is a "ERROR 500 - INTERNAL SERVER ERROR" I have spoken to my hosting company and they have found an error which may be of use:
  18. No errors in a Error log or the scheduler logs I'm afraid. I manually ran the task again and can find no related errors in the logs in my hostgator CP, are there different logs I have to contact them separately for? Nope, I've not renamed the admin directory. I've checked and it definitely is in the correct directory (same one I always upload apps to) Many thanks for the support so far, very much appreciated.
  19. Tried to unlock the task and run manually but still no luck. Re-uploaded and re-installed but no go, it seems to be unlocked for a while after installing but then proceeds to lock again after a while . I also enabled logging for the task but it doesn't generate any logs or errors.
  20. Thanks for the swift reply. I have checked and yes the system task is running and says locked, also I did upload all the files as I usually would.
  21. Hi, I'm having an issue where this is not working at all. I've followed the instructions to the letter but no joy. Seems strange as I've had other Steam profile integrations working fine but this one doesn't seem to for me, real shame as I like the potential extra features over the others I tried. Anything I can check or try?
  22. Hi there, I seem to be getting a driver error when trying to access the "Statuses" page in the admin CP, upon digging a little further i found the error 1051. Anything I can do to fix this myself?
  23. I am experiencing multiple errors, namely the ones listed in posts #445 and #425.
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