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  1. SM

    in next version I'll add: pinterest digg youtube paypal and with more style
  2. SM

    View File SM Remove this file Submitter CodeGame Submitted 08/22/2013 Category User and Social Engagement Supported Versions  
  3. next will update: coldspace on 17.04 ghostship - 19.04 bf p4f & bf3 - 20.04 mt2m & neat & sash - 21.04
  4. now compatible with IPB 3.4.4 and added 2 version of post content
  5. Do you removed #ipbwrapper? This can't be removed! change to /* CORE ELEMENT STYLES */ html, body { /* Safari has trouble with bgcolor on body. Apply to html tag too. */ color: #d2d2d2; background-size:100% 100%; background: url("{style_images_url}/_custom/bg/atlas.jpg") no-repeat center top fixed; } #ipbwrapper{ min-width: 990px; margin: 0 auto; width: 85%; } body { font: normal 13px helvetica, arial, sans-serif; }
  6. send me more info, I don't know that if it will you help from body background remove: fixed
  7. AW

    anyone confirm this problem? in my looks this: " alt="xBXNG37.jpg">
  8. AW

    to see blogs articles and other addons if there are not visible for guest please log to demo account login: demo pass: demo the final version will appear in this weekend
  9. AW

    View File AW Remove this file Submitter CodeGame Submitted 03/03/2013 Category Themed Skins Supported Versions  
  10. to remove this go to ACP > Look & Feel > Manage Skin Sets & Templates > Manage Templates in Diablo 3 Vanguard in CSS > ipb_styles.css Find: #branding and delete this line: background: url({style_images_url}/_custom/bra.png) no-repeat center bottom; Next find code: #backtotop there is display: inline-block; change to display: none; and save
  11. Download: Neat [codegame.net]

    For best answer feature Download extract and upload to FTP public/style_images/skin http://www.mediafire.com/?xg8z93epg1bdxbq
  12. Fixed missing best answer feature:
  13. Download: Extent [codegame.net]

    when I get a last version of gallery, then will be working on it
  14. File Name: Extent [codegame.net] File Submitter: Luκαzυκ
  15. Download: Sash [codegame.net]

    color picker is permanent function and If you disable this, all skin color will turn off To edit default color try edit file on FTP: public/style_images/sash/java/color_picker.js there is define default color find this code line $(customElements).css("background-color","#ffb000"); #ffb000 is code for default color