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  1. Betting

    In case I didn't mention other features, it also always had ways to add contests with however many betting matchups you want and whoever does the best at picking wins the contest. I assume when you say football, you don't mean the American football, but any type you could do contests or add matchups to bet on, etc...
  2. Betting

    I was just talking to someone about betting rules and really I never had this quite similar enough to real betting. Like in Las Vegas you pay 10% as a fee if you win on a favorite and you get 10% extra on an underdog, for instance. And also the ability to make a bet be a money line or a bet based on the odds. I don't really know the various ways of betting in other countries, though. So if people end up wanting it much different than I make it, they'd have to either pay to have custom features added or they could suggest it and wait until I get it in. I'd probably make it where you "can" still do the payout ratios of 2:1, 3:1 2:3, 3:2, etc etc OR you could do it the las vegas way with the 110%/90% payout. I did always have it where you could allow straight up bets on who would win OR force members to pick based on the odds/spread. But I am going to make it more simple for the 4.x version, I think.
  3. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    Missouri is technically on my list of where to go see it, but more likely Nashville, KY, or Carbondale. Haven't for sure decided yet. lol. Do you have any new public apps you're working on? I haven't checked out other people's apps in ages and I bet I would like a lot of them. Still going to finish mine, soon.
  4. Betting

    yeah, I guess how you view odds is basically the payout ratio, right? I do have that in it, as well. Instead of a decimal though I had it with a ":" on the form and you put a number on the left of it and a number on the right. So for instance 3:2 would pay 1.5 times what was bet. Another thing, though, is some countries use commas for certain number formatting, which other countries use decimals for.... maybe I should try to use built in ip.suite number handling to take care of that. I haven't looked into that, yet. Also I could always make an option where it either uses the colon or it sues the decimal point when setting u payout ratios. So really I kind of mix up the wording, but it has 1. a number you enter for how many points/goals a particular team is FAVORED to win by. Then you can set it to FORCE them to win by it for someone to win the bet, or you can let them just bet straight up who will win. 2. the payout ratio, which is probably more what you're considering the odds, that is how many times the bet placed will be paid back to the person. It also ahs settings for minimum bet, maximum bet, and I put in features I randomly thought of called free bets and big bets. free bets are where the membvers get x number of free bets per month, so they can bet those where they are risking nothing and can still win as if they bet the full amount. Big bets is where they get x number per month and if they use that when betting the payout ratio is higher than normal.... I think I made it where you can enter how much higher it makes it for an individual matchup. You can always set those to 0 to disable them, though. I was just trying to think of unique features. Also, by the way, this is all with points, not real money. I can't remember if you said you wanted one to bet points on or money. I don't want to officially put real money in it because I don't know whether there are legality issues or not. I wouldn't think I could be held responsible for someone breaking their local laws, but who knows... So I don't want to officially support it.
  5. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    Do you have an app that builds computers?
  6. Betting

    Most of that is similar to mine. In mine, basically hen clicking the link to the form, you actually enter the number of outcomes in a field before clicking (and it's called teams instead of outcomes, but you can use it however), then it comes to the main form with the correct number of choices for teams/outcomes. On the main form, it's about like that one, except: 1. odds was done differently. you would put how many points/goals someone was favored to win by and then you select whether it's just for information purposes to help them know who to pick or if it's actually counted as odds where they must win by that total. Odds is the one area I felt like I could improve. And odds are done differently in different countries and for different sports, so I may need help there understanding. 2. It didn't have a time to select for paying out. It would just have something telling admins (or whoever is allowed) that there were unpaid bets and they would go whenever they want and enter the results and it would pay out the points. And yes you could use different point systems and ones where you get points for posting (I made a point system for posting, as well). It did not have you select a time zone, though. Since IPB shows everything in a user's selected time zone, I ahd it use the time zone of the person fillign out the form. Just by seeing that, it gives me ideas on how to better handle mine, though... See I ORIGINALLY had it like that where you type in outcomes (or teams), but then I thought it may be nice to keep stats of how many betting mnatchups each team won or lost over the years of using them in the betting app. So I made it where you had t add teams before doing the form. Then they would show up in dropdowns. What I could do now to make it better for outcomes is have teams and outcomes separate.... That way the actual outcomes can be manually typed as anything without being considered teams. I also had mine where it generated the title automatically. Also when doing the results, you would simply select the team who won the ACTUAL match, tell how many points/goals they won by, then it would AUTOMATICALLY know which choice was the winner for the bets. So, see, that is one advantage to not having to type out outcomes. It can take into account the odds itself. And when I say odds, I don't mean payout odds, what I mean is odds where a team must win by x amount to even have the bet considered a winner. So, anyway, I have to make some decisions on all of that, as to what would work best.
  7. Betting

    If any of them had used it in the past, they'd know normally I get things done quickly and I also fix bugs quicker than anyone else. This app and my reviews app were originally created for 2.x and I had them updated to 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 VERY soon after they were released. I think I actually had them working on the day those forum software versions came out. So it's not normal for me to be this long updating apps. It's mostly because IPS did not have documentation added on here for a very long time and even still a lot is not there, so I kept waiting and then eventually I asked a lot of people for help understanding 4.x. Plus health issues. I can't magically make them go away, or trust me, I would. I a getting close, though. I just have to finish the tournaments app, then this one will be VERY quick after that because I'll already know how to do everything once that one is completed. Also, like I said, if anyone has suggestions on features, I will think of adding those, too, unless that would slow up the release too much.
  8. Betting

    yes, sorry it's taking forever. it's one thing after another. computer issues held me up, then health issues, finishing custom work, etc... I am going to get it done, it's just constantly too hard to know exactly when, other than some time in the next month or two.
  9. Betting

    My app allowed you todo all of that to an extent. Technically you add teams and bet on which one wins, but there isn't a limit of 2 teams.... so you could just name the team name "Middlesbrough To Win first". So it wouldn't be exactly perfect, but it would work. It would just look kind of odd because it tells the records, so it would have a record of something like 1-0-0 for a choice that isn't really a team. lol. The ideal way for you would be if you add the teams and then the choices are a whole separate thing. I personally used it myself in odd ways, though. I used it for people to bet on who would win presidential elections, for instance. haha.
  10. Betting

    Are you wanting to use it just to bet on individual matches or some sort of bracket contests? Maybe I could get a basic version den by then and then add the rest of the features later. It will be really hard to even get a basic one done by then, but it's possible.
  11. Betting

    Was there any exact date anyone wanted this by? It's tough tot ell when I will have it done because it depends on when I finish on my other app.
  12. Reply to "Are forums dying a slow death? "

    Sadly, they mostly have. I still like them, though. It's just really hard to get a new one off the ground anymore. Most of the successful ones are ones that already had a fanbase from long ago. I couldn't even get any to be successful when I first started using IPB over a decade ago. Already back then, there were so many forums for every topic imaginable, that people would just go to those sites. And now twitter and facebook are what hurt forums. What really annoyed me is IMDB ditching their forums. I know they just had a simple custom setup, not anything like IPB, but that was a good place to discuss movies and there's nothing else like it. So a place actually has a reason to exist as a forum and then they get rid of it...
  13. Chat closes - how many of you have found a solution?

    I haven't used any chat with IPB, since years back I sued flashchat, which I thought was very good, but I am going to assume it's either not updated for this version or maybe doesn't exist anymore at all, who knows... I did worry that it could be less secure than a more simple chat software, though. (edit: yeah, I can't find any recent news or version, so it must have stopped being updated)
  14. Tournaments

    Just saying... you involved yourself in my support topic discussion. If you're going to call me out on something, call out who started the discussion. I'm trying to get this topic back on track, even though I am probably not releasing a new version of it.
  15. Tournaments

    Wrong. You are trolling by your reaction to Aiwa's trolling. Also, I did not say he was "distributing warez". You assuming it was implied is your own fault. Also you're proving my point about the clique mentality, or you would have admitted the truth that it was uncalled for that kevin came in here trolling to begin with. You won't admit it because you side with certain developers. You don't ever have it in you to call out someone in your inner circle.