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  1. ProMenu Basic

    Cheers Robert.. Wont have funds until next Monday.. so if it's ok i'll shoot you an PM them.. Appreciate your great support.. Will be in touch mate. Regards, Darren
  2. ProMenu Basic

    Hey Robert.. I am trying to create a menu (well 2 actually) that would look like this in one centered line / within one primary menu looking / type navigation bar: Menu #1 | Logo | Menu #2 Now i can manage the CSS on my own.. what i am struggling with is working out how to embed / make these menu's appear within my globalTemplate.. I can create them using your ProMenu Plus menu page.. i just seem to be missing something in regards to transferring these menus into the template :S Thanks in advance for any help on this matter. Regards, Darren
  3. IP.Nexus questions

    While you have a load of questions... could you possible explain your website plans / niche so we can get a better idea of what features you are looking for.. Happy to help but from the above you have asked a lot of questions that even some staff members here are going to struggle to answer / understand. Regards, Darren
  4. Introducing IPS CDN Service

    Are we going to be forced to use the IPS CDN or are we able to implement other CDN services ?
  5. IP.Board 3.4 Coming Soon

    IS there a rough release date ?
  6. IP.Board 3.4 Coming Soon

    Can arough time frame be thrown out there atm ?
  7. 3.4 Questions / Upgrading Questions

    Cheers for your timely and detailed reply.
  8. Hey all, I am already a IPS customer but am interested in purchasing further licenses for other projects but would like to know a few things first. #1) Will the release of 3.4 have any effect on current templates / url's, basically i am wanting to know if updating will have any negative effect on my site if updating to 3.4 and further more to IPS4 / IPB4 once released.. #2) IPS4 / IPB4 is there a rough time frame on this.. also assuming i have IPS 3.3 / 3.4 (after updating) are there going to be massive changes in terms of the overall url structure / articles (IP.Content).. Sorry for the somewhat confusing questions.. It's just no info on IPS4 / IPB4 is really known and while i think IPB is a solid company i am unsure of the future (like most people lol) but am just a little worried about developing projects on the current releases to find out future updates may possible have massive changes which could have negative effects if updating. Thanks in advance. Regards, Darren
  9. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: Miscellaneous Enhancements

    Was / Is the IP.SEO implemented into 2.3.3 or was this to be implemented into the upcoming 3.4 release ? Regards, Darren
  10. 2 Quick Questions (easy'ish)

    Hey all, I recently purchased.. IP.B + IP.C for my new project.. My site / project will primarily be used to promote both my free & premium designs, the site will also contain webmaster forums guides and tutorials etc etc.. I still need to purchase IP.Nexus and the IP.Blog addon... but believe i can add this is later without it effecting much... <--- Please advise me if this is not the case. OK.. My Two Questions: #1 Am i better of waiting for 3.4 before starting to install / develop my website. #2 Will i need IP.Downloads since i will be offering digital downloads.. #3 How long (ROUGHLY) until 3.4 is out ?? just a rough time frame please !! #1)... I have the latest IP.board & IP.content right now.. and am ready to start putting my site together / creating a new design / skin.. will this 3.4 update force me to start my design all over again.. or can i start now and not run into too many problems.. i don't mind if it's just a few template edits. #2)... I am sure the last time i setup a project like this offering free / premium designs using nexus that we did not have IP.Downloads.... can someone in the know please inform me whether this will be needed or not ?? what advantages will IP.Downloads bring to the table.. please be honest !! i don't want to purchase it right now if it's not going to carry some advantages. Sorry for what would see simple questions, Ive not used IPB / IPS for about 1 year now. I am just running a little behind for this project and need to do things correctly from the start now... i don't have time to go back and fix things so i thought i best ask and try to get things sorted from the start. Regards, Darren
  11. Introducing IPS CDN Service

    So this is a new service by IPS ? does this support other CDN's ? or will licensed users be forced to use a IPS "CDN" Thanks.. sorry for asking but i read a while ago IPS would add support for the use of a CDN but still unsure if this is a IPS solution or we could use other CDN's without having to manually hack up files to enable other CDN's. Regards, Darren EDIT:... Is there a rough time frame on 3.4 ? Thanks
  12. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: SEO Improvements

    Would love to see a full case study... If anyone has a current board they can share stats with now and again after using the new seo functionality.. it would be interesting to see... ok so the changes would bounce around in search engines for 3-4 weeks but to see how big of an impact this made would be very interesting to monitor... I would volunteer my site.. but it's still on my localhost for now.. if anyone is in a position to do this / use their site as an example i would be more than happy to monitor the changes and provide a in-depth analysis of the outcome / changes... Do pm me if your interested. Regards, Darren
  13. More Menu problem?

    Sorry i wasn't trying to sound or be rude.. I didn't read that, but as a old customer i recall gettnig flammed for posting / looking for support here for 3rd party support.. I currently have not purchased the fusion menu so I can not take a look at it for you. Regards, Darren EDIT: You could try using "em" for your font-size rather than a fixed size: 13px... After looking at your site on a much lesser resolution you have about 6-7 links in the "More" menu.. if you don't want the "More" menu at all i suggest you look at adding a secondary menu below your main nav. Your Very Top Menu has a lot of issues on the Drop-Down links (No BG)..
  14. More Menu problem?

    Why are you posting here ? and what's your problem ? people don't want to waste time reading your messages from other sites... As your using a 3rd party menu addon.. I can't see them telling you to use IPB for support.
  15. License Changes Live

    Good to see IPB moving forward / thinking logical. I do have a question tho, I currently only own IP.Board & IP.Content not the full suite.. I will be purchasing each other addon as i can afford them / 1 per fortnight.. How will this effect me ? Will i have a full "Suite" license after purchasing the rest of the addons ? How will the renewals word for me as I purchased my first IP.Board renewal, and wont be able to purchase the last addon for maybe one month. Regards, Darren