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  1. I think Charles hinted at this but I am going to push it again anyway. (The squeaky wheel gets the grease...) I would love to be able to import into the IPB Calendar. Specific example: http://frvatoday.com/ That is a Google Calendar in Front Royal, Va. that is a central place to get everyone's events. It is basically an aggregator that pulls the calendars from the town, county, visitor/tourism office, chamber of commerce and our newspaper calendar. When they change an event or add one, it immediately changes in my calendar. If I say to someone 'I want to automatically add your relevant calendar events into my own. You won't have to do anything' they like that. If I say 'Would you mind copying your events from your calendar and pasting into mine?' different response... (Edit: on the link above, note that each source shows as a different color in the calendar.)
  2. Also I found this on the background image: http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/articles.html/_/ipboard-3x/simple-modifications/adding-a-background-images-to-your-board-r521
  3. I am not good at skinning but I think you can alter your skin with a demo but on any hosted site you cannot alter the php code. Doing so, however, isn't necessary for most hooks and apps. Also I believe that anything you do with the demo is lost when you buy a plan or the program(s). So don't do anything too elaborate because it is only temporary. Here is the topic hover hook.
  4. Embed in a blog page?

    I was looking at this the other day. It could be a solution. He has a Wordpress specific API but also a generic one and it is free. No idea how good it is. But I'm sure it is worth the money. :cool: Neowin.net is a terrific integration of forums on a blog front page. It isn't truly embedding a forum in a Movable Type wrapper but it has enough of a tease to get you to click over. I think this is a big custom site. I think you could get by with a "latest forum topics" thing prominently displayed on your blog sidebar and when they click it will go to a forum that has the same look and logo. To completely add all the forum functionality under a Movable Type wrapper seems a bit of a stretch and a lot of work for not much gain.
  5. I want to get local restaurants and businesses to post their events, bands, specials, etc into my calendar. But getting them to do it manually when they are already posting into eventful, google calendar, their own sites, etc. is difficult. Calendar could really use an rss import.
  6. Private chat logging

    While RIM India might agree with you I think if someone plots a crime in your private chat and the cops call you might want a record. Also if someone says someone threatened them on your board in a private chat you would want to prove it either way. I doubt many users would expect that there is no record somewhere of any sort of cloud communication. When you have a board up you have a responsibility to your users. Certainly you should never snoop or reveal private conversations to others. But you might also be called to protect a user from abuse. The logs may be your friend one day. Also, note that you can control how many days logs are kept. Not sure what zero does.
  7. IRC Commands

    /agree <with OP>
  8. IP Chat - Suggested feature

    In the meantime, try Ctrl + A lot of people don't know (or have forgotten) about the ability to zoom in or out with Ctrl + and Ctrl -
  9. I agree. Just "Customers" with no red +. That said, probably more of a pain to implement than we realize...
  10. Stuart: That little Zopim chat thing on your site is cool.
  11. I would love to see the ability to hide app tabs by group added to the core functionality. There is a hook available but it requires editing of files which I can't do because I have a hosted plan with IPS. Here is my argument: While IPB is very powerful it also has one hell of a learning curve. Only Drupal is harder. Or maybe assembly language. (Just kidding) I have content, gallery and nexus installed. I haven't figured out content at all and am completely clueless about nexus. I will learn but I want to make guests and users not see any of those items on the navigation tab until they are functional. I don't want a new user to see the "buy a widget" thing or "Error there are no categories," etc. But I DO want admin to see it so we can play with them and figure them out. So (with help from Mark, one of IPS' awesome support guys!) I have hidden them from the tab but the settings still appear in a users personal config. This will cause confusion and prompt questions. So I can deactivate them but then I can't play with them. I also have to remember the cryptic links to get to them even if they are active but hidden. It would be much easier if I could make them completely invisible by group. If I am missing something and there is a better way, please let me know. I'm new. Thanks! :-)
  12. Awesome Stuff!

    I'll chime in here. I am new to IPB but have years of experience with WordPress, Drupal and a few other things. I've had good experiences and horrible ones. I once lost an entire social community. What drew me to IPB were the reviews and the fact that one of my newspapers is 5 minutes from their headquarters. So they are local to me. I've spoken to Charles and he is pretty cool. Even if he isn't a PHP expert, haha. There are several things I like about the product and the company. Two I'll mention are the hosting and the support. I love that they will host it so you don't have the hosting support guy blaming the software company when something doesn't work. Just one outfit. But the thing that really impresses me is the support team. For example I put a ticket in for something on Christmas night or the Sunday after. It wasn't a crucial issue at all and I didn't indicate that it was. I expected to get a response Monday or Tuesday. I think within an hour or two TWO support guys had responded from opposite sides of the country. One asked for more specifics and the other said it was a known issue. IPS had announced that they would be closed except for crucial things during the Christmas weekend. But they still jumped on my comparatively trivial ticket. While their products and hosting are terrific it is their support that will keep me as a very loyal customer and advocate.
  13. Anyone using this on 3.1.4? Anyone know how to install it?
  14. [quote name='Wolfie' timestamp='1292198028'] [quote name='Claudia999' timestamp='1292066611']a indicator for typing - a small keypad that show that other user is writing It would be terrific in a private chat.