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  1. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    Yes, I am using the latest of the IPB. After you mentioned this, I went to double check if any mods that was taking over the Post post was causing any issues. I found that your mod conflicts with another (DP30) New Topic Author 1.0.2 mod. Since I do not use New Topic Author mod as much, I have removed it. And so far it works fine. So you might want to take note of this. Thanks!
  2. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    Hi, just got your prefix mod today. But, I encountered a problem. It appears that it works when you create a new posts. But after that, should you attempt to edit the post (with existing prefix) to change the prefix, nothing appears to be changed or updated. It will show the original prefix. Same for post without the prefix. You cannot select any prefix to replace it.