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  1. iCredits

    yeah I really feel cheated, the developper were urging people to buy icredits before ips4 were released. I only say this, don't make promises you can't keep....
  2. iCredits

    I already checked the upload foder , permissions are set to 'write' , also there is no credits folder in the upload folder
  3. iCredits

    I can't upload images for shop categories and items as well
  4. iCredits

    it works thanks
  5. iCredits

    I have installed icredits with the latest update,these are the errors I get front end,when I change the skin " alt="3JYYcWf.png"> admin, when I try to set the group permissions Also this is my database error Error: 1054 - Unknown column 'g_credits_access_shop' in 'field list'
  6. iCredits

    Do I have to pay the full price again or extra fees when IPB4 is released? Will you update the mod for IPB4?
  7. Who Read This Topic

    Yep! other groups like members can still see "who read a topic" despite the group restriction
  8. well the old layout wasnt bad at all. right now i find it very difficult to drag or add a smilie one by one. for few smilies its not a problem, but if you have 100 of smilies, its really painful(for my hand :smile: and frustrating. also it would be great if we can create groups with different purposes i.e. smilies for birthday, sad smilies, .... like vbulletin.
  9. well i dont know who came to the idea but this smlies arrangement system sucks! i ve to spent huors to regroupe and arrange, i am really pissed.
  10. (TB) Group Format

    nwm.... i deleted all files, cached the browser and reinstall. everythings fine now. thanks!
  11. (TB) Group Format

    no its the original skin of ipb.... here you go <div class='topic_controls'> {$links} </div> <h2 class='maintitle'>{$this->lang->words['online_page_title']}</h2> <div class='ipsBox'> <div class='ipsBox_container'> <table class='ipb_table ipsMemberList' summary="{$this->lang->words['users_online']}"> <tr class='header'> <th scope='col' width='55'>&nbsp;</th> <th scope='col'>{$this->lang->words['member_name']}</th> <th scope='col'>{$this->lang->words['where']}</th> <th scope='col'>{$this->lang->words['time']}</th> <th scope='col'>&nbsp;</th> </tr> <if test="onlineusers:|:count($rows)"> {parse striping="online" classes="row1,row2"} <foreach loop="online:$rows as $session"> <tr class='{parse striping="online"}'> <td> <img src='{$session['_memberData']['pp_small_photo']}' alt="{parse expression="sprintf($this->lang->words['users_photo'], $session['_memberData']['members_display_name'] ? $session['_memberData']['members_display_name'] : $this->lang->words['global_guestname'])"}" class='ipsUserPhoto ipsUserPhoto_mini' /> </td> <td> <if test="username:|:$session['member_name']"> <if test="userid:|:$session['member_id']"> <a hovercard-ref='member' hovercard-id='{$session['member_id']}' class='url _hovertrigger' href='{parse url="showuser={$session['member_id']}" template="showuser" seotitle="{$session['seo_name']}" base="public"}' title='{$this->lang->words['view_profile']}'>{IPSMember::makeNameFormatted( $session['member_name'], $session['member_group'] )}</a> <else /> {IPSMember::makeNameFormatted( $session['member_name'], $session['member_group'] )} </if> <else /> {$this->lang->words['global_guestname']} </if> <if test="anonymous:|:$session['login_type'] == 1"> <if test="viewanon:|:$this->memberData['g_access_cp']"> * </if> </if> <if test="showip:|:$this->memberData['g_access_cp']"> <span class='ip'>( {$session['ip_address']} )</span> </if> </td> <td> <if test="nowhere:|:!$session['where_line'] || $session['in_error']"> {$this->lang->words['board_index']} <else /> <if test="wheretext:|:$session['where_link'] AND !$session['where_line_more']"> <if test="wheretextseo:|:$session['_whereLinkSeo']"> <a href='{$session['_whereLinkSeo']}'> <else /> <a href='{parse url="{$session['where_link']}" base="public"}'> </if> </if> {$session['where_line']} <if test="moredetails:|:$session['where_line_more']"> &nbsp; <if test="wheretextseo:|:$session['_whereLinkSeo']"> <a href='{$session['_whereLinkSeo']}'> <else /> <if test="detailslink:|:$session['where_link']"><a href='{parse url="{$session['where_link']}" base="public"}'></if> </if> {$session['where_line_more']} <if test="enddetailslink:|:$session['where_link']"></a></if> <else /> <if test="nomoreenddetailslink:|:$session['where_link']"></a></if> </if> </if> </td> <td> {parse date="$session['running_time']" format="long" relative="false"} </td> <td> <if test="options:|:$session['member_id'] AND $session['member_name']"> <ul class='ipsList_inline ipsList_nowrap right'> <if test="notus:|:$this->memberData['member_id'] AND $this->memberData['member_id'] != $session['member_id'] && $this->settings['friends_enabled'] AND $this->memberData['g_can_add_friends']"> <if test="addfriend:|:IPSMember::checkFriendStatus( $session['member_id'] )"> <li class='mini_friend_toggle is_friend' id='friend_online_{$session['member_id']}'><a href='{parse url="app=members&amp;module=profile&amp;section=friends&amp;do=remove&amp;member_id={$session['member_id']}&amp;secure_key={$this->member->form_hash}" base="public"}' title='{$this->lang->words['remove_friend']}' class='ipsButton_secondary'>{parse replacement="remove_friend"}</a></li> <else /> > member_list_show
  12. (TB) Group Format

    hello, ive installed this mod on ipb 3.2.3 and everything is working well except the "ShowOnlineList" see pic below. thanks in adavance for your help.
  13. Download: (inv) Awards

    maybe you should uninstall your actual version then delete all related files via ftp. once its done upload the files of beta 4 and do a fresh install. thats what i did and it worked.