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  1. RTE issue with IE10

    Okay, fine. But why am I able to edit here and not on two other instances of the board?
  2. RTE issue with IE10

    What I was saying is that I am able to edit here--on this board. I can use the add link feature here, I can even copy and paste. I can only add text on my board but not edit it. I visit another IPBoard and have the same problem. (Notice here that I was able to add the link. I can't do that on mine!) So my question is, what is the difference between this instance of the board and mine? Have you fixed yours? are you using a beta version? How can I make the version I am paying for work as well as this one? I see that the majority of people are using Chrome (53%) and IE is only (12%). Even so, it is a red flag that you are in the business of providing a service that is so dependent on browser performance and are not able to keep up with the changes. I suppose it is a common problem for all board developers, but I hate to be forced into a different browser after using IE for so long. I can change, but now it seems I have to make all of my members change. I have enough trouble with participation without this!
  3. RTE issue with IE10

    I just received the reply to a support request: Hello, I'm afraid we do not currently support Internet Explorer 11. There are still libraries that IP.Board requires that are missing from the browser in its current state. I'm afraid our only recommendation at this stage is to use a different browser. yet, here I am editing a post in the same board using IE11. What gives!
  4. Spell check

    Interesting, English was already noted for IE10 spell check on my computer but it never worked. Based on older comments on this thread, I just I tried selecting English from the list and now it is working. Thanks for the comment Sunrisecc.
  5. Spell check

    I understand by "all modern browsers have built-in spell-checking now" that you are saying IE10 is not a modern browser. IS Invision selling Firefox?
  6. Spell check

    I'm using IE10 with the Speckie add on. (http://www.speckie.com/). It works well, but occasionally gets confused until the next restart. Spell check is an important capability of my computer and I find it a little odd that the capability has been removed from a board I am paying to have and maintain.
  7. Spell check

    I am not sure what the problem is. I left UltraBB so that we could have a smaller database and for the additional features such as the gallery. I got those okay, and initially, I got a spell check but no "Recent" tool. Now I have a "Recent" tool but no spell check. I have included part of a screen print from UltraBB's compose screen. Note the red arrow pointing to the spell check tool. There was one of those in the version of IPB that I purchased. The server I am using included unlimited storage and pretty huge bandwidth. My computer is fast enough, as is my DSL connection that most functions such as open file are more or less real time. The storage may as well be limitless. I think most people are in that situation these days. So the conserving resources seems like a pretty lame excuse. The real issue is that IPB is a first class board that once came with spell check. Fine, but it seems a little silly for me to have to explain away the lack of such a fundamental feature to my members. I still get complaints for changing from UltraBB.
  8. Spell check

    Some of the comments here seem to assume everyone is as well versed in using the computer as they are. In fact, most of my members purchased a computer and use default settings. The fact is that I use Internet Explorer--what most of my users use as the default setting--and it does not currently provide or apparently support a spell check. The version of the IPB I began with a year or so ago had spell check and all was good. The next version was a great improvement and I expect there were tradeoffs, but the net result is it left me scrambling for a solution. I think the solution would have been to suggest a reasonable workaround. Telling me that all browsers support spell check is not true and not a reasonable answer to come from the vendor.
  9. Searching content of IP.Download

    Thank you. That sounds like the way it will work. ATOMS provides a way to exclude addresses and set "entry points," so I believe an entry point of http://atransc.org/forum/files/ would bypass the forum itself and access whatever is in the /files/ folder. Thank you for the help. I will purchase IP.Downloads and give it a try. As an aside (and I have no problem with you not posting this), I originally asked this question via a pre-sales email. The response was always about permissions and never about what is searched. One replay: "Their search results would show whatever they are entitled to see. If they do not have access the files would not show in the search results." A second replay when I tried a more specific question--the one you answered for me--was: "Any search engine would only see the files or pages that you allowed it to - usually the same as guests." These are not helpful answers and almost lost the sale. I have to admit that the sales information on the site is also a little misleading in that its meaning depends on what people mean by "search." Thanks again for the help. I will eventually post the results of my little experiment here.
  10. Searching content of IP.Download

    I am using ATOMS (http://www.atomz.com/) as a search tool for my website. IP.Board is excluded from the search tool. If I had IP.Download as a module for IP.Board, is there a way to include the documents in IP.Download in the search findings without including IP.Board in the findings? Inclusion or exclusion is managed now by specifying restricted paths. For instance, I now specify that http://atransc.org/forum/ be ignored "Forum" is my IP.Board.
  11. Searching content of IP.Download

    Thanks for the information. I was hoping it would work as a members' only searchable archive. The technicians answered my questions, via my pre-purchase question emails in a way that made me think the search would include content.
  12. About searching in IP.Download I have asked this question via email two different ways but the answers have seemed to apply to member access and not to authorized member ability to search content of file in IP.Download. I have an html archive of past newsletters now (http://archive.atransc.org/). I want to move the newsletters as either RTF or PDF files into IP.Download so that only members have access. An important feature of the archive is the ability to search the site to find content. For instance, A search for "paranormal" my find that issue 3, 10 and 15 contain the text. This tells the visitor to go to those web pages. In IP.Download, a similar search should tell the member which file to open and/or download. Does IP.Download work that way, or doe sit just allow a search of file titles?
  13. Spell check

    Each alternative seems to have a short coming. I put ieSpell in Internet Explorer 9 and it work until I rebooted the computer. then it was gone. The same for Speckie. At least Speckie underlined the misspelled words. The problem was that I could not figure out how to get it to offer an alternative speling list. It too dissapiered after reboot. I agree that these are mostly IE9 problems, but it would be good to have something to offer my members other than telling them to compose in a word processor program and copy to the board.
  14. Spell check

    This is really not satisfactory! ieSpell falls off of IE9 on the nest restart and has to be reloaded. It does not highlight the letter it is alerting to and unless the post is highlighted before clicking on the speller icon, it starts spell checking the entire page. Why is it that every time I think i will finally have a board that is all there, I find it necessary to explain to my members that "well, that is missing, but if you do this jury-rig , you can fake a solution." This is getting old!
  15. Spell check

    Has anyone seen the spell check tool in the text editor? Tom