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  1. Awesome. Thank you so much! I'll buy it now. Lastly, is there any way to have this feature on a per-forum basis?
  2. Any way to add in a feature to hide date & times on topics & within topics (on each post)?
  3. *I reinstalled the application, and this problem did not happen. I can reproduce it after linking another account on my test board. If I unlink the account, it is fine again. Only happens with an account linked.
  4. Hi Adriano, This application has a bug in the latest version of IPS 4.1.17 (using Linked Accounts 3.0.6). The link icon is making a new line on all of my themes:
    Beautiful theme created by a talented designer. This utilizes Google fonts, FontAwesome and other web 3.0 elements that really make my forum look both beautiful and clean.
  5. Can I import RSS feeds from another IPS 4.x forum into my IPS 4.x forum? My current situation is confusing; I can't import an RSS feed - it just says: That is not a valid RSS or Atom feed. I also can't view the RSS feed that I attempt to import as a guest nor do I see anywhere to configure that. Would I be able to do this with this plugin?
  6. Thank you! Last question: would this be able to grab content inside of [HIDE] bbcode (from TB Hide Content) and RSS that content properly while still keeping the [HIDE] tags?
  7. Any way to "secure" the RSS feed page to guests, but still make this feed readable by other IPS forums? For example, I have content I'm posting on IPS forum A and want those topics from a certain forum copied to IPS forum B - but I don't want random people seeing this feed as it is paid content.
  8. I'm using this theme and trying to implement Font Awesome forum icons. I have everything configured correctly in my custom.css, and the icons are showing up for other themes & the default theme - however the FA icons aren't working on the Surface Dark theme - the icons seem to be overriding my custom.css? Any idea? Thanks!
  9. Hi Milad, thank you for making this application for IPB - very happy to have it! Could you add in the option to force 2FA on specific usergroups (rather than just admins)? I want to force 2FA on users who upgrade their account on my community, but if they don't have a phone capable of using 2FA, give them a popup or something along those lines to "acknowledge" the warning then allow them to not use 2FA.
  10. Could you add support for reading a "page?" (pages application from IPS)
  11. That sounds right to me, that's how I have it setup. Thank you for looking into this for me, Adriano.
  12. I just installed this and I don't see CAPTCHA on it, but it is enabled on my forum? Also, permissions are set so guests can use the form, however it is forcing guests to login when I test it?
  13. Any way to limit posts per 'x' time in 'y' forums for 'z' groups?
  14. Any way this can be done to limit posts per forum per group?
  15. Oh, it came in 3.4? I must've taken a break just before then. Regardless, I'm happy it's finally part of IPB now, ahah
  16. Oh, nice! I had no idea IPB 4.x implemented that. Thanks, Adriano!
  17. Could this be used in a "moderation" fashion? By that I mean, could I make it so when a staff member closes a topic, it will post an automatic reply? Or would that be a different mod all together?
  18. All due respect, but $42 for prefixes? Holy canoli.
    This is the only BTC gateway I know of for IPB 4.x right now. Thank you, Ahmad!
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