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  1. Unfortunately the demo site link is down at the moment, but yes you can have multiple groups of fields displaying as dropdowns. As for placement, the location is fixed, I would have to look in to it, to see how difficult it would be to move. I believe it would require modification of the hook itself.
  2. I'm not 100% sure exactly how you are trying to do it, but if you just want your users to supply a URL then in the custom profile field settings do something like this: Field Type: Text Input Topic View Format: <a href="{content}" title="{title}">{title}</a> You will need to make sure that the hook setting of Wrap topic fields in anchor html tags? is disabled, or you will get broken html due to the use of anchor tags in the topic view format.
  3. Get people to paste the url to the image into the field, e.g. '> Then in the custom profile field settings do something like this: Field Type: Text Input Topic View Format: <img alt="{title}" src="{content}" />
  4. HTML will not be allowed in the text input field. Users can paste a URL there though and you can configure the field output in the ACP to make it a nice link.
  5. How are you trying to add links? The dropdown is designed to add custom profile fields, which are unique to each member. If you want the same link in everyone's dropdown, you are better off adding it via the template system.
  6. Any news if this is being implemented for IPB 4.0?
  7. The google plus one button has been integrated into the share buttons as standard on IPB 3.2.x and newer so this hook should not be needed.
  8. The filtering options apply to all dropdowns. It is almost impossible for me to implement visibility options for individual groups as I have no idea how many you have.
  9. New version released, 1.4.0! Add option to exclude member groups from seeing dropdowns (3.4) Add option to exclude member groups from having their dropdown visible (3.4) Add option to exclude certain forums from displaying any dropdowns (3.4) Add option to exclude certain skins from displaying any dropdowns (3.4) Thanks for everyone's feedback and feel free to keep it coming :)
  10. New version uploaded which adds a clearfix to each profile field in the separate tab to prevent long field names breaking the layout. Features coming soon to 1.4.0: Exclude forums from showing dropdown Exclude member groups from seeing dropdown
  11. I know, but Mikey asked "Now what I wanted to do was ask feedback here.. would you want that sort of an app?", so I was just giving my feedback that I thought it would be good to keep it separate. :)
  12. If you start filling the Teams App out too much, I would prefer it be a separate app. Either that or offer two hooks in the downloads. Teams Full and Teams Lite. I have both Teams and Social Groups and didn't like how bloated and buggy Social Groups was... I prefer something light weight, so am using Teams on our board.
  13. Hi, This is a hook which displays groups of custom profile fields as a dropdown/popout menu to save space in topic view. I think what you are looking for is already built in to IP.B. You simply need to select Dropdown box for the field type, then in the option content, do something like: 1=United Kingdom 2=United States .....
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