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    This offer expires on: 11/07/2015
    Hello Everyone,
    CJ Menu (formerly iMenu, due to a few concerns from a particular fruti company, the name has been  changed), has entered the Release Candidate stages. RC 1 is available to the beta testers on our site and available for purchase from the marketplace. RC 2 will have a upgrade option for those who have Promenu Tables still in there database (this is still in testing, and probably wont go "gold" with the final, but shouldn't take long to work out all of its kinks. Robert and I will begin extensive testing of the upgrade option. As there is a lot of differences between CJ Menu and Promenu, we will make a list of what will and will not be transfered.).
    Promenu 2 CJ Menu Upgrade Option:
    Promenu Plus 3.x+ clients:
    For clients who purchased Promenu Plus 3.x after its launch (not ones who were upgrade free of charge from promenu plus 2.x to 3.x), who are current on their renewals and agree to the renewal terms of $15 every 6 months for CJ Menu, can contact robert or myself (here on IPS or through our contact us on our website, http://codingjungle.com). Let us know what your IPS email is, and that you agree to the renewal terms of CJ Menu, and we will in a timely manner, get you added to the CJ Menu Client list so you are able to download it. 
    Promenu Basic clients:
    There is no offer for upgrade for Promenu Basic Clients.
    We currently have CJ Menu on sale for $25, this sale will last 1 week after the launch of CJ Menu 1.0.0, for any clients that are not eligible for the upgrade option.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact robert or myself (here on IPS or through our contact us form on our website http://codingjungle.com). 
    Promenu (plus and basic) will continue to be supported for the lifetime of IPS 3.x. Once IPS 3.x support ends, Promenu's Support will end as well. We will not be adding any new features to ProMenu during this time, we will only be doing general bug fixes and support.
    'Not your daddy's menu system' is apt for this situation. New and familiar features, new codebase, and new horizons await you. Along with a menu set that replaces the IPS primary navigation menus, we also include 4 other menu groups you can utilize, giving your site a fresh look and feel, without all the work. With the ability to export custom groups as hooks and use raw html, php, and/or to parse content/easypages blocks (if installed), the possibilities of what can be done with this application are limited only by ones imagination...proud to present you with Promenu Plus series. If you want to know more, watch the youtube video below or continue reading.
    · Multilingual Support For Menu Titles and Descriptions
    · Unlimited Multilevel Menus
    · Ability To Add Menu Icons To Parent and Children
    · Five Stock Menu Locations
    · Tab Activation of Menu Items (including children) *
    · Works With All IPS Products And Most Third Party Applications
    · Intelligent JS That Auto-Detects Borders For Menu Positioning
    · Cache Driven to Eliminate Possible Server Overloads
    · Navigation Arrow Indicators *
    · Choice to hide menus based on member groups or display menus based on permissions (includes secondary groups!)
    · Ability To Use Images as Titles
    · Ability To Use Mega Menus And Regular Menus
    · Various Javascript Settings And Effects
    · Ability to Build Your Own Custom Groups and Export Them As Hooks
    · Mobile Theme Support
    · Easy Pages Support
    · Hide Menu Groups By Skin
    · Ability to "Dock" the group with the Primary, Header, and Custom groups
    · Mass Delete/Move Menu Items
    · Ability to Clone Groups
    · Ability to Add VNC and Quick Launch to Header and Custom Groups
    · Ability to Romove The Primary Menu
    · Codemirror Within Block Text Area
    · Validity check to make sure copyright only shows on themes were Promenu is being utilized
    · Parse raw HTML or PHP content within a menu blocks
    · Parse IPC and Easy Pages blocks
    · Wrapper Block for external links
    · Ability to set Primary, Header, or Custom Groups as a Table of Contents 
    · Ability to sync forum or IPC categories with teh option to enable or disable.
    · Responsive abilities for all groups (including custom) *
    · Ability to use Disc Cache or IPS Cache *
    · versions 3.2.x, 3.3.x, 3.4.x
    * These Items Have Configuration Settings
    NOTE: This purchase entitles the user to one installation per domain. Multiple installations require multiple purchases. Copyright removal is prohibited w/o consent. Those who remove this copyright w/o consent are in violation of the terms of this product and are subject to removal of any present or future support.
    This application contacts a remote server by default for update checks, news feeds, and the jquery library. Settings are available to disable these remote contacts. Information is not collected when news feed and update checks are enabled. There is a setting to change jquery from a remote load to a local load, which the files needed are included with this applications installation.
    Submitter Robert Simons Submitted 02/04/2013 Category Performance Discussion URL http://codingjungle.com/tracker/_/promenu/ Support Info Supported Versions
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    insp reacted to alexp999 in Enkidu 3D Tags Cloud   
    This is working the opposite way to it should.

    Least popular tags are the biggest and most popular are the smallest.

    You need to change the logic of your cumulusWeights function, so its more like this, increasing the size if the weight is larger, not if its smaller. Basically changing the less thans to great thans:

    $calWeight = $this->settings['cumLeast']; if ( $weight > 0.9 ) { $calWeight = $calWeight+2; } if ( $weight > 0.8 ) { $calWeight = $calWeight+2; } if ( $weight > 0.7 ) { $calWeight = $calWeight+2; } if ( $weight > 0.6 ) { $calWeight = $calWeight+2; } if ( $weight > 0.5 ) { $calWeight = $calWeight+2; } if ( $weight > 0.4 ) { $calWeight = $calWeight+2; } if ( $weight > 0.3 ) { $calWeight = $calWeight+2; } return $calWeight;
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