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  1. (DP42) Export Lang per App

    Very useful plugin for translators. Thanks
  2. [CV01] Langpack Downloader

    Very useful plugin
  3. Use: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  4. ProMenu Plus

    Just copy/paste from my colleague:
  5. Contact Form

    When I try to send a message, I receive this: : NO_START_PERM IPB 3.3.1 nvm, found solution
  6. Page content is displayed properly. Just content of the hook is messed up.
  7. When I open "new content", then I choose "members" in "By content type" and "By section" I get something like that (image with blurred links): Has anyone noticed something similar?
  8. Enkidu 3D Tags Cloud

    And the most popular tags are sooooo tiny. How to change that?
  9. Download: (inv) Awards

    I thought more about UserPane
  10. Download: (inv) Awards

    Can you add permissions, who can see the awards? I would like to disable it for the guests. Thanks