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  1. Yes! I have to add myself I always have been satisfied by the support all alon my little bugs, strangeness, huge stuff & help to setup the beast. currently debugging my problem
  2. sure. they answered. for reference/infos, it was (probably) because of a huge upload I make and which has taken a process etc etc a faeces.
  3. if only I could put another message instead of that one : http://sh16.lw.ipslink.com/limit.html
  4. as written in my first post, I did :) anyway, it is written they wouldn't do that before to warn you/discuss it really sucks and I begin to have enough to have to log something each week for this, that, this ... really.
  5. hi there, I logged something at support of course but.. I'm totally stuck My website is unavailable and I cannot access to admin part in order to check what values I explode is it number of online people ...? They shouldn't cut the website but inform us as written on the plans page is it bandwidth ...? it is unmetered I love support people, but I NEED an information & a solution NOW..
  6. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: New SEO Tweaks Roundup

    nice when hosting solutions customer will have that installed ?
  7. yes it will be very good. hope to see a better open graph integration which would provide video, pictures included in the page you post a link to..
  8. gorgeous! I'd probably forgot about my owned files to have only the hosted version of each modules. I'm really interested and probably migrate around january (EARLY)
  9. Yep I own all modules excepted gallery. but own means own forever? btw, the simpler the better. if I cannot change furl index in files... at least I should be able to do a permanent redirect in the .htaccess ... huMM.... would I be able to tweak that ?
  10. but I don't get something. my main question is about some files I'd like to modify like furl. of course, I'd prefer to be hosted, to have my install upgraded & monitored, but if I cannot modify anything OR if to modify, I have to pay twice... it is not cool I probably misunderstand smthg
  11. Hi there, I'm confused about that. I don't need to tweak a lot, but some furl files have been modified in my case and I need to know if I'd have access to this feature if I go from owned hosted to hosted IPB. let me know
  12. ok thanks for your information that way, it would be hard for me to know if I go to host or not, the price almost totally depending on the online users amount. I'll dig
  13. ok. but before to choose the right package, I'd need to know that now on my own hosted IPB :) so it is possible ?
  14. Hi there, I'm using IPB since a while, own hosted. I'm studying the possibilities to be hosted One MAJOR item, is the online users number limit. So 2 questions: - how does this count make ? (only forum? guest counted or not? and does ip.content count guest too ?) - how can I see my maximum online peak these days ? is there a way to know some average ? many thanks
  15. Contact Form

    Hello Adriano & congrats for this very nice module. I'm a bit stuck. I'd only want to create a form for asking informations about the courses/sessions I provide. I didn't get the point about Message Settings How should I do my setting if I want to do this: - 2 different departements (informations team & courses registration team) - not related to any forum topic - a visitor (guest or member) fill the form, submit it and info@designthemedia.com or registration@designthemedia.com receive the appropriate message) ? thanks a lot for your help.